Spanish cinema | These are the four films that will be in competition at the San Sebastian Film Festival 2022

07/15/2022 at 1:05 PM


The Donostia-San Sebastian festival has once again become the best vintage showcase of Spanish cinema with an overwhelming variety of titles

Four Spanish films will participate in the competition of the 70th edition of the Feast of San Sebastian: ‘the maternal‘, by Pilar Palomero, ‘Spring consecration‘, by Fernando Franco, ‘wild sunflowers‘, by Jaime Rosales and sour‘, by Mikel Gurrea.

It was a particularly prolific year for auteur cinema and many titles were fighting to enter the official section of the event. After the participation in Berlin of Carla Simón (‘Alcarrás’), Isaki Lacuesta (‘One day, one night’) and Alauda Ruíz de Azúa (‘Five little wolves’) and in Cannes of Albert Serra (‘Pacifiction’), Rodrigo Sorogoyen (“As bestas”) and Elena Lóez Riera (“El agua”) in different sections, San Sebastián continues to defend its status as showcase of the most diverse Spanish cinema.

We already knew that Alberto Rodríguez would open with ‘Model 77’, prison drama based on true events around the events that occurred in 1977 in the Barcelona penitentiary with Miguel Herrán and Javier Gutiérrez. Now lots of national crop tapes are added. Pilar Palomero, after triumphing in Malaga and the Goyas with ‘Las Niñas’, opens in San Sebastian with ‘La Maternal’, which shows us the difficulties of a teenager at risk of exclusion who becomes pregnant and is admitted to a center of reception. Fernando Franco, who has already participated in his first film, ‘The Wound’, returns with ‘The Rite of Spring’, in which a young student meets a boy with cerebral palsy and his mother (played by Emma Suárez) with the who will start a beautiful friendly relationship.

Jaime Rosales also returns in competition with “Girasoles Salvajes”, with Anna Castillo and Oriol Pla, which revolves around the tortuous relationship of a young mother with a man who not exactly a model for your children. Finally, the team directed by José Luis Rebordinos opted for a first film, ‘Suro’, by Mikel Gurrea, with Vicky Luengo and Pol López.

In addition, the new “Rainbow” by Paco León will have a special screening at the Velodrome and “Los renglones torcidos de Dios” will premiere at the closing of Perlas, a section in which films by Isaki Lacuesta and Rodrigo Sorogoyen will also be presented. saved. Zabaltegui will include ‘Cerdita’, by Carlota Pereda after its passage through Sundance and ‘El agua’, by Elena López Riera.

The Movistar series ‘El apagón’, will also have its place in the programin which five directors (Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Raúl Arévalo, Isa Campo, Isaki Lacuesta and Alberto Rodríguez) sign their corresponding chapter around a common starting point: a major breakdown caused by a solar storm that sinks all the technology on the planet.

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