Sims 4 Years High School: We saw an exclusive preview and we tell you everything that is coming!

Years High School is the new expansion pack to find your teenage identity, go back to school and live full of drama… We tell you what the developers told us!

The Sims 4 continues to bet on the expansion of his game and this time he offers “The High School Years”, a pack that will take you back to the fun and dramatic teen years, when high school felt like both a jungle and an amusement park. In Insight exclusively for press, developers SimGuruGeorge and SimGuruJulia They were responsible for going around the peloton and answering a few questions from the public.

It’s time to go to class!

The highlight of this pack is that it transforms the high school from a “rabbit hole” to a fully playable experience in which you can accompany your sims. Within the school, you will have different options to spend your days. From paying attention, studying, talking to your classmates, shaking with nervousness because of your “to crush” and even make jokes.

But it’s not all fun and laughs, what happens inside high school will determine your Sims’ lives later. This means that being punished or getting bad grades could mean you don’t get the degree…and that degree will now be necessary for those who want to get into certain jobs once they grow up.

Being a teenager is totally dramatic, so in addition to all the school experience, relationships between Sims are strengthened. You will be able to make friends, enemies and even have a “crush”, that is, a person you like very much. Non-playable sims will make decisions and may even ask you out. At the same time, sims will develop fears and desires that will mark their personality throughout their lives.

It all “ends” on graduation night, with your “Prom” dance, where you can dance super slow with your date and vote for King and Queen. Since graduation is so important to a Sim, you can make signs that allow you to invite your crush to the event. But beware, they may reject you.

Every aspect of the ball can be arranged and prepared, making the celebration just for you.

Teenage life to the fullest

Social networks, viral challenges, love dramas… and amusement parks. Years High School includes new locations to enjoy with your friends -or more than friends-. From a new photo booth to amusement park attractions where we can have fun with our Sims,

There are four new Aspirations exclusively for teens. “Live fast” -official translation into Spanish in progress- which goes from living without rules or worries to Hakuna Matata; “Drama Llama,” which will fill your days with…exactly that, Drama; “Icon”, which has to do with being popular and influential and “Goal Oriented”, which has to do with always being the best, better than anyone * pokemon music playing in the background *.

Style, creativity and new professions…

The extension brings with it some interesting things. For example a new telephone interface with an active social network similar to Instagram. You also have access to “Tendencies” a fashion styling app that will allow you to upload your own styles, sell them, and if it’s good enough, generate trends.

Trends will gradually transform us into Simsfluencers. Yes, exactly what you think. If we set a trend, other high school Sims will start dressing the same way. On the other hand, we can also be video game streamers. Both careers are not cut short and can be continued once your sims have progressed from youth to adult.

Exploring style is essential in this pack. From clothing to bedroom decor, the High School Years style isn’t limited to just one aesthetic, but incorporates many. This makes it quite different from packs like village life there Licantropos whose aesthetics were very defined.

And news for everyone

The secondary consists in discovering oneself, this includes all possible aspects. That’s why, with the High School Years expansion pack, an update on our Sim’s sexual orientation is coming to the base game for free. From now on, we will be able to define our preferences, both physical and romantic, allowing us to further open the spectrum of the sexuality of our sims -who by default were always bisexual-. For example, your Sims may want to “fun” with both men and women, but only develop feelings for one gender. Or, wanting to “have fun” with everyone but not developing a romantic relationship, developing romantic but not physical relationships. This increasingly reinforces the commitment to gaming inclusion.

Along with expanded sexual preferences, we also get another big update: body hair. Our sims will be able to have hair on their face, arms, back, chest and legs. Shave it and let it grow back.

The expansion will arrive on July 28 for Xbox, Play Station, Mac and PC -Origin and Steam-. Free updates will be made around the 26th.

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