Santiago Segura loses neither grace nor originality


to safeguard

In a few years, Santiago Segura made the necessary changes to keep everything the same; i.e. to be
a successful filmmaker, director, actor
. Changes so extreme that you don’t care about weather changes, and him and his characters, because it’s hard to recognize that bag of fat (in every way) that Torrente was in that Javier, family man, with a size of wasp, who stars in his latest films. However, it retains a certain penchant for the amoral, although it has also been able to adapt it to the type of audience, from enthusiasts of aleti and eschatology to the family spectator who is now its objective, who well accept amorality in minimal doses and closer to mischief and wrongdoing.

In this film which already forms the
and which probably announces the tetralogy, Santiago Segura has its usual screenwriter, Marta González de Vega, and they take up the “universe” of the two previous titles, the characters, the adventures and the tone, and thus build another story, which, as Santiago Segura is above all circumstances, it is a Christmas adventure, now in July.

There are some very funny moments, the already well-known children’s characters are full of ingenuity and innocent mischief (the flamenco Luna Fulgencio, the rude Sirena Segura, the calm Calma Segura, the formidable child Carlos González Morollón or the ‘complicated teenager Martina D’Antiochia are the best guarantee of tumult and freshness), and the adults, father, mother, brothers-in-law, grandparents also function as a comic trigger with their little baseness of all against all. In short, the film is exactly what its audience expects of it: a bit of entanglement, some laughter, especially if there’s a child around, a bunch of messages, not all of them good, but some of them educational, and also a light insight into today’s stuff, music, social media or generational confusion.

As the trilogy points downward, Santiago Segura’s undoubted talent might need a little push of ingenuity, a more startling twist in the plot threads, a masterful stroke of the script, or the size now. that he has it thin. Maybe the risk of injecting a dose of inventiveness into a product that works wouldn’t pay off, but this fun, unique family and actors and cast members who are so comfortable already deserve that effort at the Lampedusa of give the series a good jolt while everything stays the same no, better. On the fourth?

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