Rocío Carrasco reveals why his mother wanted to separate

    Rocío Jurado and Ortega Cano “had a toxic relationship”. That’s how strong he looks Rocio Carrasco in the fifth installment of “In the Name of Rocio”where he returns to his mother’s marriage to the bullfighter and reveals the singer’s firm idea of ​​separating. After talking about Raquel Mosquera and of his aunt Gloria In previous episodes, this episode focuses on the bullfighter and his relationship with him since he started dating his mother. “At first, I had a wonderful relationship with José.. I never saw him as a rival to my father. He was nice, pleasant, my mother loved him… At that time I got along very well”, recalls Rocío of the first months of their relationship.

    The singer’s daughter believes that his mother’s decision to marry “was not the right one because during the marriage he suffered a lot. I think José didn’t know how to appreciate the woman he had, that he married, and I think at times he did not behave properly“. Behavior that she saw and that other family members also saw, which she said did not know how to “protect” her mother. “They are aware and that, due to the situations as as such, She decides one day that she can’t take it anymore, she wants to separate. And Ortega Cano knew about it. It wouldn’t be because I wouldn’t tell him or listen to him.”

    Rocío Carrasco talks about Ortega Cano in the documentary 'In the name of Rocío'

    Television recording

    “My mother deserved to be happy”

    The mother of dew flowers he confesses that he didn’t want to see his mother unhappy, or suffer. “She was a woman who had given her all in this relationship and he did not deserve the situations that were generated and given. My mother would have deserved to live differently. He deserved to be happy and to live his last happy years”, she enthuses.

    Rocío Carrasco acknowledges in the documentary that her mother and Ortega Cano argued a lot, but she does not go into detail about why the couple came to these situations. “I won’t say why they were fighting Or not… The only thing I’m saying is that there were unforgivable situations and that Ortega Cano did not act well with Rocío Jurado, who was my mother. I’ve been through a lot of situations that should never have happened.”

    Why Rocío Jurado didn’t part ways with Ortega Cano

    Rocío Carrasco is clear that if his mother had not adopted Gloria Camila and José Fernando “she would have separated a long time ago”. Then the singer’s illness came “and we were all like headless chickens.”

    Rocío Flores’ mother firmly believes that Ortega Cano “has a feeling of inferiority and insecurity. He had to convince himself that Rocío Jurado was not responsible for everything he felt. There was an ego fight between him and her.”

    And he says his mother lacked a dream to fulfill: “She would have loved to find someone she could grow old with and to be able to share the much and the little he had left of life. I think he missed that.”

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