Real Zaragoza is already in Boltaña

He’s already here Royal Zaragoza in Boltana (Huesca), after arriving at the Barceló Monasterio hotel after 8:30 p.m. this Friday. Just over two and a half hours were spent by the club’s official trainer traveling up the Aragonese Pyrenees to the Zaragoza team, covering the 190 kilometers that there are via Barbastro, since the short route through Yebra de Basa (160 kilometers) is not possible for the bus due to its size and the narrowness of the old road that covers the section from Fiscal to Boltaña. Nothing new in the expedition, with tired faces but with the illusion of a flag, as is natural every summer between the leagues.

To finish, the beginner trainer Juan Carlos Carcedo 29 footballers were brought to Sobrarbe, the highest figure in history at this stage of the summer preparation, since the accumulation of contracts in force which the new property inherits slows down the exit process.

Solo Javier Rosof the thirty who had worked until the end of the first phase at the Ciudad Deportiva until this Friday, remained on the pitch, since he accepted the club’s proposal to end his commitment which lasts another year. The others, transferable and assignable included, will start work in Boltaña on Saturday morning pending new agreements. The Nick Buyla, Clement, Carbonella and several players more likely to leave the group over the next few weeks, at the moment they are still active with Carcedo.

Barely a dozen Zaragoza supporters who spend the summer in the region came this time to receive the team at the gates of the Monastery of Boltaña. A few photos and a few autographs greeted thea 9th team from Zaragoza who has been coming here since 2005 to prepare for a new league tournament, the 22-23. Christian Alvarez there shoemaker were the most requested, with chavarriathe last to get off the bus.

The footballers, technicians and assistants, after taking possession of their rooms in a wing reserved exclusively for the teamcame to have dinner (also in a private dining room) and then rest.

The workwith more and more ball once the physical preparation has been consolidated for 10 days in Zaragoza, will have its first episode at 9:30 a.m. this Saturday at the Villaboya pitch from the town of Boltañesa. The daily program, with a few exceptions that will be seen on the fly, will have a double date, at 7:30 p.m.

The Pyrenees welcomed Real Zaragoza this time in the middle of a heat wave, with a day at 40 degrees which, already nightfall, has barely dropped to 37, an unusual maximum at these latitudes and which should last several more days.

The team members who are already in Boltaña are the goalkeepers Cristian Álvarez, Ratón, Rebollo and Acín (from the subsidiary, an unforeseen event that takes shape due to the physical discomfort that the two holders of the place have dragged on in recent years); and the outfield footballers Gámez, Vigaray, Chavarría, Nieto, Lasure, Francés, Jair, Lluís López, Clemente, Zapater, Francho, Grau, Petrovic, Nick Buyla, Eugeni, Vada, Bermejo, Larrazabal, Narváez, Giuliano Simeone, Carbonell, Azón and the Luna, Vaquero and Puche subsidiaries.

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