Outraged Lidia Torrent explodes after being professionally discriminated against for being pregnant

Lidia Torrent denounced via social networks the rejection she suffered from a company to present a project because of its advanced stage of gestation. Thing for which he could not avoid exploding publicly

Lidia Torrent is living one of the sweetest stages of her life. The TV presenter is pregnant with her first child with Jaime Astrain and I have very little left to have little Elsa in my arms. The young woman is making the most of her summer and we saw her very relaxed in Formentera with her boyfriend. A much-needed getaway where She did not hesitate to show her belly in a bikini. However, the smile just faded from her face as she felt a unpleasant situation when you are professionally discriminated against for being pregnant, which we have taken it upon ourselves to denounce through social networks.

Lidia Torrent is outraged by what she has just gone through when she is rejected by a company for being pregnant. The “First Dates” co-host armed himself to criticize the treatment received and he wanted to make it clear that he is in perfect condition to work on whatever he sets out to do.

“The other day I had the opportunity to return to work presenting a company that I feel at home with and I wanted to thank them for having me again even though I am pregnant. And I say that because that, unfortunately, in another case it has not been like this, since having already a closed presentation, they decided to do without me“, Lidia Torrent began by explaining on her Instagram profile, recording the treatment of one and the other company, of which she did not want to give names.

Elsa Anka’s daughter does not believe what happened to her and assured that she had not presented any setbacks during these months of pregnancy to the point of having been ridiculed thus: “Being pregnant does not mean being invalid. Yes it is true that there are complicated, risky and stormy pregnancies in which obviously your daily and professional life is affected for obvious reasons. In my case, I have a good pregnancy, in which despite the nausea at the beginning, heartburn, heartburn or more fatigue than usual from standing for a long time, they do not prevent me from everything to keep working. I don’t force the machine, I don’t overwork myself, I listen to my body, I give it what it asks for, I take care of it and respect it, but I’m very lucky to be able to say that those- These are sweet months and there are no problems or complications,” he continued.

Despite everything, Lidia did not lose her enthusiasm or her smile and wanted to thank all these professionals who give mothers-to-be a chance: “So I wanted this ‘thank you’ to go to the companies which, counting on us, They give us a hand and support us indirectly in this chosen decision to be mothers for the benefit of our personal life”, ended up receiving a deluge of messages of support. The most special, that of her mother, who did not hesitate to tell her how proud she is of her.

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Lidia Torrent, indignant at having been discriminated against professionally.

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