“My mother came to buy his photos to protect him”

In the name of Rocio published its fifth chapter, an episode dedicated to the figure of Ortega Canohusband of sworn dew. Nearly ninety minutes during which Rocio Carrasco feel free to reveal the reality of love that his mother and the bullfighter lived.

The daughter of Pierre Carrasco He assures that at the beginning of their relationship, everything was “wonderful”, in fact, he claims that he never saw him as a “rival of his father” and that he got along “very well with him “. After saying “yes” to each other in 1995, Ortega Cano and Rocío Jurado have become one of the most famous couples of the moment, monopolizing the majority of the covers of gossip magazines.

But according to Carrasco, when the marriage was “consolidated,” things started to change. “She suffered a lot during this marriage, José did not know how to appreciate the woman he had, whom he had married. He didn’t behave properly with her“In fact, Carrasco reveals that due to the situations that Rocío Jurado had to endure because of Ortega Cano, “she decides one day that she can’t take it anymore and who wants to separate and he knew it.”

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“He disrespected her,” she added. “My mother became very small with him, she didn’t have the character she had because she had no emotional strength,” Carrasco assured, aligning this idea with the relationship his mother had with him. Antonio David, which he also did not face. “I’m tired of repeating that she was a woman with a lot of character, yes she had it, but in these situations (with Ortega) she was buried“.

The doubt of the bullfighter’s infidelity to the singer has flown over television sets many times, and in this fifth episode, Rocío Carrasco confirms that his mother was aware of it. At that time, the testimony of Paloma Garcia Pelayo in The Ana Rosa program burst on the screen. In it, the journalist assured that on a certain occasion they should have brought out “friends through the back door”, while the artist was about to arrive at her home.

“There have been situations unforgivable“, he commented. But undoubtedly the surprise came when Carrasco revealed that his mother had come to buy photos of Ortega Cano himself so that they would not see the light. “My mother was aware of the things he was doing that he shouldn’t. My mom called me one day and said they had contacted her to say they had material on Ortega, and she told me she had bought it.“.

When the editor of In the name of Rocio He asked Carrasco what content could be seen in those photographs, and if it was with other women, she wouldn’t answer. “I won’t tell you what they were, or with whom or doing what“.

Likewise, his pulse didn’t quiver as he claimed that Ortega and his mother had an absolutely toxic relationship. “The problem is, when you respect but that person doesn’t respect you… My mom and Ortega Cano were in a toxic relationship“.

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