more screen and continuity in the most popular bracelet

Mobile apart, if you think of the products Xiaomione of those that are undoubtedly the first associated with the Chinese brand is its Smart Band. In June, its seventh generation officially arrived, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7continuity first with the previous ones but also with novelties.

The popular Xiaomi activity bracelet maintains its affordable profile, although the price increase does not go unnoticed. The new version costs 60 euros against 45 euros for the Mi Smart Band 6 and the 40 euros of the Mi Smart Band 5. The postman does not reduce his course in the field of value for money also generating interest for its benefits.

The design of the comfortable Xiaomi Smart Band 7
The design of the comfortable Xiaomi Smart Band 7
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The the design remains more than faithful to the recognizable line. The change lies in the increased screen size, one of the key aspects as generations pass. The high resolution AMOLED panel, with up to 500 nits of brightness, ranging up to 1.62 inches compared to the 1.56 inches of the Mi Smart Band 6. The advance is noticeable if you remember that the Mi Smart Band 5 measured 1.1 inches. His great motivation lies precisely in the quality of its screen and how well things look inside that its oval shape implies logical limitations.

The silicone strap, in black as the basic model in which to buy separately the colorful and varied shades are not lacking (this time fluorescent green, fluorescent orange, khaki blue and khaki green are striking), adjusts with ease and on the wrist it gives a lot of comfort. Upon examination of the technical sheet, we verify that it weighs a little more than the previous one (13.5 grams against 12.8 grams), a negligible difference.

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 includes 120 sports modes
The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 includes 120 sports modes
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And the jump in terms of sports modes envisaged by going from 30 to 120. Start includes walking, outdoor running, treadmill running, cycling, indoor cycling, indoor walking, swimming, rowing machine, elliptical, jump rope, yoga, dance, freestyle, indoor fitness, football and badminton.

On the bracelet itself, with the usual Water resistance 5 ATM (50 meters)you can access the rest and see the complete list, in which they fit running-walking sports, swimming, cycling, swimming, outdoor training (from fishing to parkour), indoor workouts, dance (zumba, latin dance, hip-hop…), boxing, ball sports, water sports, snow and ice sports, recreational sports (to Esports), table and card games and others (skipping rope, archery and horseback riding).

Heart rate measurement on the Xiaomi Smart Band 7
Heart rate measurement on the Xiaomi Smart Band 7
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The aforementioned recognizability is reflected in essential sections such as the personal activity tracking (to check again what it costs to burn calories), la measurement of heart rate and blood oxygen saturation, taken accurately and efficiently. Also appear the PAI (Personal Physiological Activity Index), training history, training status, stress measurement, sleep quality control, breathing exercises, section dedicated to women’s health , etc.

As part of the training analysis, other interesting new features when acquiring a more professional shutter: analysis of the maximum oxygen uptake (linked to exercise capacity), analysis of training load, recommended duration of recovery intervals exercise intensity and details of the effect of the activity performed (aerobic and anaerobic).

Up to 14 days without using magnetic charging

Regarding autonomy, tracks the barrel up to 14 days of endurance without a charge (as known, magnetic) make normal use. Yes, it goes up in terms of heavy use, now up to 9 days (before it was 5). The battery capacity is 180 mAh.

With the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, which does not come with NFC, notifications can be received (Regarding WhatsApp, it should be noted that the emojis are still not seen), notifies calls (allows you to reject them) and the game does not lack customization, symbolized in the clock faces. It is linked to the motive of the hand of Mi Fitness, application Xiaomi’s own is required for full setup and for taste and stats.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 spec sheet:

  • 1.62 inch AMOLED screen
  • Heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation, sleep monitoring
  • Professional training analysis
  • 120 sport modes
  • Up to 14 days of battery life (9 days in heavy use)
  • magnetic load
  • Water resistance 5 ATM (50 meters)
  • Weight with bracelet: 13.5 grams
  • Bluetooth 5.2 BLE
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Price: 60 euro

20-bit rating: 8/10

  • The plus: the screen and its complete character in the affordable profile

    The worst: the lack of surprise…

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