‘Mapi’ is coming, La 1’s new bet for this summer

La 1 will preview its new entertainment bet for this summer at the beginning of August: “Mapi”. An amazing and fun program featuring a virtual girl that will drive viewers crazy. celebrities with your questions. Adaptation of Japanese public broadcaster NHK’s hit “Chiko’s Challenge”‘Mapi’ is a program for all audiences produced by RTVE in collaboration with Mediacrest and presented by the famous magician, presenter, screenwriter and comedian Jandro.

“At RTVE we continue to bet on new stories, we continue to reinvent ourselves to reach more people”, he stressed. Maria Eizaguirre, Director of Communication and Participation of RTVE, in the presentation of ‘Mapi’, “a competition that is out of the ordinary, and which combines very well our vocation of public service”, she added Ana Maria Bordas, Director of Originals. According to the head of RTVE, the space brings together “technological novelty, humor and pure entertainment for the whole family”.

Jandro and Mapi explained what the contest is about

For its part, Daniel Domenjoexecutive director of Mediacrest, pointed out that “we are breaking the history of television because for the first time in Spain a series of characteristics are assumed that had not been given to date and a pioneering real-time technological system is used “.

Regarding the recording experience of the program, Jandro He commented that “it’s been wonderful, it’s the first competition in which you don’t answer the right questions, but you still want to come back”. He also pointed out that what fascinated him the most was Mapi: “I have a good time with her, her personality is a great discovery for me”. Yes Mapi (Carla Pulpón) returned the compliment and added that for her it’s a challenge because “it’s literally getting inside a character, their body and their head”.

The format

‘Mapi’ has a very special protagonist: a girl animated by Technology CGI (computer generated image). On each show, the logic and imagination of a group of celebrities who come to the show to answer the surprising questions posed by Mapi are put to the test.. very funny questions that any child would do and that are difficult to answer. The goal of the guests is twofold: to get away with the girl’s particular questions and to reach the maximum number of answers to add mapis (points) to their markers.

Who is Mapi?

Mapi is a very curious girl who, in each chapter, asks different questions on any subject: ‘Why is the sky blue?’, ‘Why do we slip on the ice?’, ‘Why do we there are only 28 days in February? ‘. The viewer will see how he interacts with the presenter and with the guests on the set in a surprising way.

Mapi will ask questions of celebrities who visit the program

But be careful, because… he gets angry too! He does this to show how important it is to keep learning every day. After each question, reveal the surprising answer, followed by an explanation from an expert in the field.

The questions, posed by a childlike mentality, make guests and spectators rack their brains and realize that they have never asked themselves such a question. For this reason, “Mapi” is more than just a question-and-answer program: it is an intellectual and cultural challenge that will captivate the viewer from the very first broadcast.

How does it come to life?

Mapi is a girl animated by CGI (Computer Generated Image). Technology that gives our protagonist comical facial expressions and amazing reactions. Your image is created live and live. It is a new and state-of-the-art technological process.

During the recording, the actress who plays Mapi wears a reference head and a facial capture camera. This head and camera are synchronized with CGI technology to replace the reference head and gestures with Mapi’s head and gestures (live while recording).

The actress who plays Mapi is Carla Pulpón and the illustrator who designed Mapi is Marcos Raya.

Mapi transmedia

Mapi has a life beyond the screen and television, he will move on to networks. Viewers can follow her on Twitter and on Instagram to get to know her better and take advantage of the show’s exclusive content.

He loves making memes of Jandro and his show, and sneaking into RTVE’s Tik Tok with his dances and DJ Mapi sessions on weekends.

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