Malaga CF | Four Malaga signings in one day: Esteban Burgos, Rubén Yáñez, Ramalho and Álex Gallar

The club announces the arrival of two central defenders, a goalkeeper and a striker, already completing ten reinforcements in the summer

Antonio Gongora

Friday, July 15, 2022 will be one of the most important dates for Malaga, as it announced during the day, in a few hours, no less than four more signings. It is true that the agreements with all of them had already been concluded and published by the media, but the formalization of these contracts was done almost in a single day. With these reinforcements, Malaga already adds no less than ten during the summer transfer window, a figure close to that sought by the club to compensate for the many departures after the previous year. The last players who are already from Malaga and who will join immediately for work and matches are the following: central defender Esteban Burgos, goalkeeper Rubén Yáñez, also defender Ramalho and striker Álex Gallar.

These last four players, none of whom are on loan, represent, like the previous ones, a new blueprint in Malaga: experienced players who can contribute from the first moment. The blue and white team, in this way, is structured in a coherent way. With the ten signings, a strong, cohesive and guaranteed squad can now be completed. Expectations for the Martiricos squad continue to improve as the summer progresses. Everyone has in mind the possibility of fighting for the top of the table and for promotion, although they will have to adapt to the team and start competing in the League to find out what their real chances are for a season every more exciting day. .for the Malaguista fan.

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Against the odds, the first to announce Malaga was the signing of Esteban Burgos, a central defender from Eibar. The Argentinian was the seventh to arrive this summer, coming from Eibar (where he had been playing for three years). The 30-year-old, 1.91m defender joins for free and signs for two seasons. He played eighteen competitive league games the previous season with the Basque team, especially in the first phase of it. He stands out for his strength and his aerial game, which allowed him to stand out two seasons ago in the First Division. It is one of the bets of the sporting management to improve a sector of the defense which has experienced many problems in recent seasons.

Then it was the turn of goalkeeper Rubén Yáñez, a 28-year-old Catalan who is 1.88 meters tall. It was the eighth reinforcement of the Martiricos club. He arrives from Getafe, who let him out after several weeks of waiting and with whom he was unpublished the previous season in the league (he played two Cup matches). Sign for three seasons and Malaga won’t have to pay anything for the ‘transfer’. He joined, initially, as the team’s second goalkeeper after Manolo Reina. In any case, the focus is on battling with the Malaga man for ownership in goal. Two years ago he had more involvement with the Madrid team, playing ten games in the regular competition, in addition to one in the Cup.

In the early afternoon of this eventful Friday, a new signing arrived, the ninth from Malaga. He was among those waiting for him, Jonás Ramalho, also a central defender, a 29-year-old player who is 1.85 meters tall and comes from Osasuna, where he barely participated last season (six matches, including three in the Cup ). The footballer ended his contract with the Navarrese team and is now engaged with the Blue and White for two seasons. It designates the club of experienced recruits who intend to balance a team which last season had many young footballers. Like Esteban Burgos, he will have to face Juande, Andrés Caro and Peybernes for the starting places.

And whoever seemed the first of the day at the end was the last. This is the case of Álex Gallar, who became the fourth signing on Friday and the tenth for Malaga so far on the summer market. Some time ago he reached an agreement with the Martiricos club, waiting for him to end his contract with Girona, although last season (the two previous ones) he was loaned to Cartagena, where he coincided with Ruben Castro. The Catalan, 30 years old and 1.76 meters, joins for free and the new contract with the Martiricos entity will also be for two seasons. During last season’s transfer to the Murcia team, he took part in a total of 33 games.

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