Madrid refuses the license of the ‘Puro Reggaeton Festival’ in which Daddy Yankee was going to give his farewell concert

It was clear that the excess of festivals in our country was going to end up generating problems and that’s what happened with Madrid Puro Reggaeton.

The festival in which Daddy Yankee was going to give his farewell concert in Madrid and that was going to be the start of his tour was canceled by the Community of Madrid a few hours before its celebration with 35,000 tickets sold.

We do not know who are the real culprits of this situation, the company behind the festival or the Community of Madrid, the truth is that the change of venue from Caja Mágica to Wanda Metropolitano just two days before the celebration of the festival, it already looked strange and bad.

The two-day festival had sold 35,000 tickets and featured some of the biggest names in reggaeton and urban music in its lineup.

In addition to Daddy Yankee, who landed in Madrid to perform his final gig, the likes of Bad Gyal were also going to perform. Eladio Carrion, Omar Montes, Gente de Zona, Ñengo Flow, Morad, Natti Natasha among others.

Festival license refused

The Community of Madrid has refused the license to the Puro Reggaeton festival, whose celebration was scheduled for this Friday and Saturday at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, because the plan presented by the organization of the event to the city council does not meet the necessary security requirements .

This is what the Community of Madrid assures this Friday in a press release, in which it underlines that when deciding on the license “there was in accordance with the safety rules in force following the usual procedure for holding this type of show”.

Initially, the Madrid Puro Reggaeton Festival, for which some 35,000 tickets have already been sold, was to be held this Friday and Saturday (July 15 and 16) at the Caja Mágica, but on Wednesday a change of venue to the Metropolitan was announced with in order to “gain scenic space and improve connectivity in public transport”.

However, on Thursday afternoon, the festival organization issued a statement expressing its “surprise, amazement and helplessness” at the Community of Madrid’s decision to deny the license.

Sources from the organization added that they will present an “improved and expanded” security plan on Friday in the hope of obtaining a positive response from the Community of Madrid before 4:15 p.m., the scheduled start time of the concerts.

They also assured that, for the moment, they are not considering the cancellation of the festival, in which the last concert in Madrid of the legend of Latin music Daddy Yankee is scheduled during his retirement tour from the stage.

The Community of Madrid, in a statement released early this Friday, details that the organizers “after changing the location of the concert”, requested a new authorization on Monday, July 11, despite the fact that “for this type of event the minimum the application deadline is one month, so it was out of time”.

In addition, the report (mandatory) issued by the Municipal Policel “indicates that the security measures and documentation presented by the organization do not meet the necessary requirements, thus denying the celebration of said event”.

“This unfavorable report was published by the City Council of Madrid on Wednesday, July 13, and it is what determines the Community of Madrid not to authorize its celebration, since the one who appreciates the security plan presented is the Consistory of Madrid “, argues the regional government.

The said municipal police report points out that, In addition to being submitted after the deadline“to date, the Fire Prevention Inspection Service has not received the self-protection plan for its approval” and that “the mobility plan presented does not refer to the place where the festival will be held”.

“It also does not present the acoustic exemption to exceed sound levels,” the note states, adding that “the previous security meeting in the government delegation did not take place to establish the appropriate security device, l risk assessment and know all the extremes related to the celebration of the event”.

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