Lopetegui rules out Marcao for Tottenham friendly

Julen Lopetegui cooled a little more the little interest there was in seeing the evolution of the new Sevilla, which in reality will have absolutely nothing left this Saturday in its first pre-season test. The only novelty that could present, that of the signing of Marcao, will not be present against Tottenham Hotspur (1:00 p.m., SFC TV).

This was stated by the Sevilla coach, who does not yet see himself in a position to expose himself to a high level match, such as the match with the English team, fourth in the Premier League and a team of Champions League as well.

“No, definitely not,” he replied when the manager was asked if Marcao would play. “He didn’t arrive in the same condition as the rest of his teammates and we will try to integrate it little by little. Tomorrow he won’t be part of the team and he won’t be able to participate in the match either,” explained the Asteasu man.

Lopetegui talked about how the planning is going, as briefly as the reality that there has been little in and out. “A very important player like Diego came out. It is also possible, we do not know, that the other central defender of our team leaves, we don’t know what’s going to happen. They are two very, very important players, very difficult to replace.”

And that’s when he started talking about the state of Marcao and the need for it to adapt and integrate to its new context before taking it out to play. “One of those who will replace them is Marcao and we will help him adapt and get up to speed quickly. He had a good season in Turkey, not just one, several seasons. It’s also true that the Spanish League is more demanding, tougher, more difficult… He is aware of this and together we will help him be incorporated as quickly as possible into this request from the Spanish League”.

The Sevilla coach insisted Sevilla were working to ‘replace very, very important players’ take the departure from Koundé for granted It’s not by chance… “We are aware of the departure of an important player and we don’t know yet if another important player can leave. The Spanish League is extremely competitive, the Champions League too, and we want to have the best team possible, the club will work to replace very, very important players and also in provide actors capable of making us grow in internal competitivenessbecause we have to improve the team to try to achieve the objectives”.

He also spoke about the game itself, two Champions League teams and how the competition bar is raised every year: “It’s our first game and the second for Tottenham. but it’s a very attractive match because of the large number of players. from there, there will be a lot of quality between the two clubs. They qualified this year for the Champions League, we write history for three seasons and qualify the team for the Champions League, which is going to be increasingly difficultAnd you have to prepare well. And this year, the first stage of this pre-season and we face it with the illusion of having a good game that will help us prepare for the League, and that will help us take this small step to have a good season. “.

Very diplomatic, the guy from Asteasu talked about South Korea, the welcome given to Seville, its culture, its gastronomy… “We are very happy to be able to live with Korean culture, which is extremely rich. It’s a very friendly environment. culture and they welcomed with great affection, with many fans. We were able to know part of your culture, your excellent cuisine and your love and we stay with that, it is the most important thing. We were able to train in good conditions and We are very happy and very proud to be able to work here with such magnificent and football-loving people. during those days. We hope it will be a good match in which people can vibrate with great footballers and that everything will go well and that there will be no injuries”.

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