Iker Muniain reveals the madness he committed to see his favorite team

Iker Muniain can boast of a great career on the pitchwhere he accumulated no less than 384 matches in the First Division and always with the same shirt, the Athleticteam of which he is also the captain.

However, now the footballer has revealed that although he is loyal to his team, in terms of football his heart is dividedor, revealed on the Dani Mart├şnez show, ‘Mart├şnez y Hermanos’, on Movistar+, that another set occupies a very special place for him, and the name he gave is surprising to say the least.


During his visit to the set of ‘Mart├şnez y Hermanos’, the Athletic captain had to answer a curious question by presenter: “Have you ever disguised yourself so they wouldn’t recognize you?”a question he didn’t hesitate to answer, even though his first words already predicted that the story was going to be fun.

“Let’s see how I tell it…”Muniain started by saying.

Before telling what happened, the player put everyone present in a situationso that the story can be understood without difficulty.

Iker revealed that it all happened in ‘a very important sporting event in Madrid’.

It was a Copa Libertadores game, it’s like the Champions League, but in South America. A long-awaited final, which should have been played in Argentina, but the day they played the match there were fights between the fans“, so it finally took place at the Santiago Bernab├ęu, as explained by the midfielder himself, who also confessed to the team of which he is a fan.

I’m a huge River Plate fan.. So I said, ‘Holy shit, they’re bringing the game here, I have to go to Madrid to watch this game. Gotta be with my team cheering“,” Muniain said, but I had a big problem to be able to go there, the match was being played on a Sunday and he had to play with his team the next dayhe was therefore not in the best situation to flee to Madrid at that time, since, in addition, “we were in relegation, it was december, the team was terrible, they fired the coach… The worst situation you can imagineÔÇť, he confessed.

However, he eventually managed to fulfill his dream and see River play live and direct, but since he couldn’t attract attention, he did it in the most original and fun way“I called Omar, a trusted person, and told him to rent a van to go to Madrid. We arrived and there were 50,000 people from River Plate…I couldn’t go there like that with my face uncovered. I took a wig, glasses, a hat and a scarf and we went out into the street. I was like a barra bravaÔÇť, he admitted, sparking laughter on set and revealing that he believed that one of the police officers present in the stadium had recognized him, although, thankfully, he did not say anything about it.

We went with River Plate fans and there was a security check. Next, The national police were waiting. I arrive with my wig, my glasses, a policeman stares at me and I think he recognized me. He looks at my face and says ‘come in, come in‘. When I do 50 meters I turn around and the policeman looks at meMuniain concludes his amusing anecdote.

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