How to hide dark circles after a day of partying

“The ace puffy eyes These are bluish, grayish or purple discolorations that appear under the lower eyelids of the eyes. Its causes are variousbut its location has a very simple explanation: this skin is thinner than the rest of the skin on the face, so the veins are more easily transparent”, they explain in Bavaria Clinic, whose specialty is visual health. The lack of rest is one of the main reasons for their appearance and that is why we tell you how to hide them after a day of partying and no one notices that you have havent.

In this sense, the aforementioned clinic recalls that it is necessary avoid alcohol. “It is a substance that very negatively affects our health in general and our cardiovascular health specifically, which accentuates the dilation of blood vessels, including those in the dark circles area. In addition, alcohol also directly interferes with our sleep qualitywhich further aggravates the problem.”

Makeup, the best ally to camouflage dark circles after a day of partying

The most common way to hide dark circles is to use the to put on makeup and apply it on our face. However, it is good to know that it is necessary above all wash your face with cold water, because the skin will be smoother and the final result will be more adequate. It is also important to use moisturizerwe will therefore open the way to cosmetics and the complexion will be better hydrated. After these two steps, we choose a good concealer for dark circles, the one corresponding to our skin type and, finally, we put on make-up. In a few minutes it will seem that we have rested all night.

Experts from Maybelline New York, through their website, offer a series of tricks so that our “makeup” looks more natural and the happy dark circles go unnoticed. For example, they ask us not to use black eyeliner for the lower part of the eye because it intensifies the stains. “On the contrary, you can use a beige eyeliner or cream to give more luminosity to your look”, they specify.

Nor are they supporters of dark shadows, as they can accentuate dark circles. “Lean towards light tones or a skin color so your eyes look radiant,” they insist. “Another cool trick is to does your eyebrows very well to draw attention to the upper face, however, try not to get too excited about eyebrow pencil or eye shadow or you might look stuffy,” they say.

Natural ways to hide dark circles after a day of partying

The cucumber mask It is a home remedy that allows us to have a fresh look and reduce dark circles. We cut a few slices and placed them over the eyes to 30 minutesonce you take them off, we wash the area with plenty of cold water. When we look in the mirror, we notice a clear difference. Another instant and natural remedy are the cold infusions plants such as chamomile, mint or peppermint, as they contain anti-inflammatory actives that help us improve circulation in the face. For this we prepare the herbal tea and the chill in the fridge for an hour, then we apply it on our eyes with a cotton ball and keep them there for 30 minutes. After that, we rinse with warm water.

If we have two metal spoons by hand, we can also use them to hide dark circles. For this to work we have to put them in the freezer, wait for them to cool and after that put them around your eyes. Keep them in this position and once they are warm you can remove them. The ground coffee is another good option to achieve our goal, and that is that its caffeine and antioxidants They help activate the area and reduce inflammation. To do this, we prepare strong coffee, store it in the refrigerator, wait for it to warm up and moisten two cotton pads. We put them on and let them dry. For this natural remedy to work best, it is advisable to repeat the process twice.

The Sodium bicarbonate It has properties that brighten and exfoliate skin, helping us to reduce dark circles. To do this, we must mix a little of this product with a little cold water and dip two cotton discs in the ointment. We will know it has taken effect when they have dried. The last step is to wash your face with lukewarm water.

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