Hall Effect and Maikel Delacalle spread good vibes and Canarian rhythms in “I want you closer” – Music

“We are out!”, they announced to us hall effect at midnight. This is how they begin this torrid Friday, July 15: with a collaboration full of good vibrations, very electronic and festive rhythms, with their incomparable Canarian art, with their compatriot Maikel Delacalle in “I want you to come closer. Porque con esta ola de calor, sin duda lo que más apetece es refreshes y esta canción, que llega pisando fuerte con su videoclip, transmite absoluta frescura y ganas de bailarla en la playa, en la piscina y en todas las fiestas que se nos pongan in front. So at CADENA 100, very excitedly, we welcome the weekend with artists who always surprise us with every great song they release. We tell you all the details!

Corridor Effect and Maikel Delacalle “want you to get closer”

If they ask us, we’ll have to listen to them and today we’re “discussing” this “single” accompanied by a video clip, with the guys from Corridor effect and Maikel Delacalle. The title already says it all: “I want you closer”, which we already took advantage of a few hours ago. As we said, with a lot of positive energy and that invites us to dance anywhere this summer. This isn’t the first collaboration the authors of ‘Bread and butter’, a classic where they exist, have recently presented to us. And we press ‘play’ on this song which takes us directly to the Canary Islands!

His followers already have their verdict: The summer theme and, as always, Maikel never failsWill they ever release something I don’t like? I love the rhythm of everything they do, great guys, big as you are who of Argentina fully supporting. Let no one believe that Spain is the only country where artists devastate, that they also cross borders and that their rhythms conquer a good part of Latin America.

How was the beginnings of Maikel Delacalle?

Maikel Delacalle He went through the microphones of this station some time ago and confessed to us why he decided to devote himself to the world of music. A story of overtaking that we save today: I did it because I loved cockfighting and I don’t class myself as a rapper, I consider myself a songwriter, a musician, I do everything… but when I started it was by need and “Because of the situation I went through, I ended up going hungry. At 15, I was not living at home, I decided to live on the streets and ended up in a center for minors . And when I left there, I knew that I had to dedicate myself to music and I had to try. Ozuna says it’s all the talent, it’s also the desire to work.” In 2016, recognition came to him, with his Spanish version of ‘Or Nah’ and his single ‘Ganas’, which already totals more than 20 million views on YouTube.

He has also collaborated with other artists such as J Balvin, Kevin Roldán or Justin Quiles, among others. collaborated with various former OT candidates (Ana Guerra, Agoney, Aitana, Lola indigo and Raoul) on the theme ‘Globally’, in addition to adding his voice to Mahmood. At that time, he already recognized that he liked to take risks and continued in this way.

Hall Effect’s Other Collaboration: With Attacked

wholesalea pop-rock group from Madrid formed in 2007, led by Iván Feria and Iván Mateos on percussion, dazzled us and, as we mentioned at the beginning, they did not come alone: ​​they introduced us ‘I want it to be you’its collaboration with hall effect, which was born from the great friendship that unites the two groups. “It was born out of a friendship of many years that we shared scenes with them. One day, I can’t even remember how, I presented it to Javi and they all liked the idea. We are good friends and we really wanted to go out something together”, explained the members of Attacked, in “Hueso en CADENA 100”. That the desire never stops!

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