Gerard Pique, viral in the networks after reappearing while listening to a song by Shakira in the car

Gerard pricks goes home The footballer remains unaware of the controversies surrounding him following his split from singer Shakira, with whom he has had a relationship for more than a decade and is the mother of his only two children, Milan and Sasha. The steps of the two after the separation have been followed millimeter by millimeter for the past few weeks. Now, weeks after the two parted ways, the player has gone viral on social media after a follower shared footage of Pique listening Shakira in your car.

The footballer arrived this week at one of Barcelona’s training sessions in his car, and there he passed several club fans, who were there to reunite with their idols. It was at this precise moment that one recorded the club’s crimson blue defender listening Inevitableone of the most emblematic songs of the Colombian singer.

The video, shared by the follower on the social network TikTok, has also gone viral on networks like Instagram or Twitter. In the video, the player is seen arriving at a practice session, and although the car windows are up, the music is so loud that it is even possible to make out which song it is. Many people wonder if this gesture has any intention or if it is just a simple coincidence.

Apparently, Pique continues to have songs by the mother of his two children on his playlist, despite the fact that they are not together. Something that can mean that although the breakup is the most publicized and the most difficult, they still have respect and admiration for each other. However, in the networks, some users see this gesture as a provocation. “What a beautiful song,” one of the followers told him in the viralized video, upon arriving at practice.

“Don’t do this to yourself, Pique,” said one user on Twitter. “How iconic Shakira’s Inevitable will be, even Gerard Pique listens to it after her breakup. Top 5 things I never thought I’d see,” another account on the famous social network said.

While Pique tries to continue his life as normal, Shakira is going through one of the most complicated times of her life. at the break, Added to this is the poor state of health of his father, recently admitted to a well-known clinic in Barcelona. The reality is that the singer’s family has become her biggest support in her daily life in Barcelona. The couple are currently in talks over the future of their children.. Apparently, Shakira would like to rebuild her life in Miami with them, while Pique considers his children’s future should be at Barcelona.

For her part, Shakira’s own mother, Nidia Ripoll, recently confessed that she would like for his daughter and the player to reconcile. The ancestor of the performer of songs like Intuition oh Venueassured that, although she has not spoken with her daughter about the breakup, she would be delighted if the two of them finally decided to give it a shot.

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