‘First Dates’ forced to apologize after bachelor’s big lie

about a month ago, ‘First dates’ was visited by a single man who left everyone very surprised at his time on the program.

One of the data provided by the participant, after being studied by the program, was found to be falseHowever, this isn’t the first time one of the diners at TV’s most famous restaurant has let out the occasional lie, either to look good or try to impress his date or the audience, but this time, the bachelor’s lie has exceeded all limitsas long as the television space itself had to sing the “mea culpa” and publicly apologize for what this man had invented.

Manuel goes looking for a partner in ‘First Dates’. Four


On June 13, Manuel went to ‘First Dates’ looking for a partnerand commented with Lidia Torrent on the rocky relationships she had had in the past.

Diner revealed that his wife ‘got into a cult I didn’t know and left me when my little boy was 2 1/2. She took what little money he had’, after which Torrent asked him if he had rebuilt his life later: “I was left with three young children, and although over the years I met a woman, the disease was worse than the cure”, explained the participant.

However, that wasn’t the most interesting thing Manuel said during his time in the contest, and that is that After the co-host said he had the face of an actor, the bachelor excitedly revealed that he was the first cousin of well-known actor, Juan Diego.recently deceased: “He made very good films and in the theater he was number one”, said Manuel, who, when he commented on it again with his date, she did not even know who he was talking about.

Now, a month after his participation in the ‘dating show’ and after appearing in the news of various media due to his alleged kinship, it seems everything was a big lieand he was the program itself is responsible for dismantling the bachelor’s statement and publicizing its deception.

‘First Dates’ was forced to post a brief message on his social media in which he explains what happened and apologizes to Juan Diego’s family for Manuel’s lie.

From ‘First Dates’ we want to apologize to the family of Juan Diego and his parents from Bormujos, his town, because hWe verified that a “dater” who participated in the program lied by claiming that he was a relative of his“, reads the message shared on the official Twitter account of the Cuatro program, which concludes with a memory of the late actor: “In memory of Juan Diego, genius of the game. DEP“.

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