FC Barcelona Transfers | Lewandowski on trial: Will he be at Bayern presentation?

07/15/2022 at 13:08


Bavarian painting is presented to its fans this Saturday, the first public exhibition of the Pole

Neither for the club nor for the player this is not a pleasant situation, so work is being done to try to avoid this bad drink

Will Lewandowski be at the presentation of Bayern to his fans? We’ll see. The Polish player, who has been in the dynamics of the Bavarian first team since Tuesday despite having repeatedly expressed his desire to leave the club, you know it’s gonna be a bad drink. For the first time, will be exposed to German fans after all this soap opera which is featured.

Obviouslyno one forgets everything he gave to the German entity over the past eight years. He has been a fundamental element in the relentless string of success that Bayern have achieved. A reference. An idol. But he felt the need for a change of scenery, to launch a new (and last) challenge in his career. And the club chaired by Herbert Hainer does not really make things easier.


Barca have presented several offers, so far rejected by the Munich team. The agreement will come sooner or later, but whereas ‘Lewy’ still has to go to sessions despite having his mind elsewhere. Barca are preparing a final offensive (they are aware that Bayern want the ‘cash’ in a payment, so they must close the second lever permanently), but it is clearly unlikely to arrive in time to avoid public exposure from Robert on this. Saturday.

Another thing would be that the surroundings of the attacker (Pini Zahavi and company) could agree that the footballer should be released from the presentation. Because technically Bayern are going to ‘offer’ their people the 2022/23 squad and Lewandowski is currently there. Without a doubt, it will be a turning point in this summer soap opera which tries to accelerate so that it ends as soon as possible.

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