FC Barcelona: Raphinha: “It will be fantastic if I can be half as good as Ronaldinho”

EI Barcelona presented this Friday at Raphinha as a new player until 2027. The winger admitted that former Barca players like Ronaldinho, Deco or Neymar They were references for him. He is excited and eager to dress short. In addition, The door He is very happy with the arrival of the player. He ensured that samba and jogo bonito returned to the club.

Raphinha’s first words

“It’s a huge honor to be here. I’m grateful to be able to come here, to wear this jersey. I have a lot of idols who have passed through here and made history. If I can do half I will do my best to help Bara become Bara again I feel privileged It’s very exciting I still can’t believe it after the first game .I’m thrilled, it’s been a dream I’ve had since I was a kid.”

I’ll come to believe it after the first game


About Lewandowski

“What I imagine is assisting Alba, Ferran, Ansu… If the president doesn’t want to talk about players who aren’t there, neither do I.”


“Personally, I think when the band is doing well, the staff end up performing. What I can do is give my best.”

It is defined

“I am a player who always wants to win, to give the best of himself. Every day I try to evolve. The fan can expect a combative player.”

The follower can expect a fighting player


Sign for Bara

“The decision I made from the start was that I was starting to understand football. I knew I wanted to play for Barcelona and we did everything we could to make it happen. When I made my decision, mentally, I I had to think about what the decision entails. I was right, I won’t regret it at all.”

win titles

“I think Barcelona, ​​because of their greatness, always fight for all the titles, championships. Bara thinks about winning titles. I know the quality of the players well, what I can give. I came here with the idea of ​​”accumulating titles. Two years ago, years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined that he would be in the national team and play for Barcelona.”

About your idols

“I started following Bara when Ronaldinho arrived and everything he did had a big influence. It would be fantastic if I became half as good as Ronaldinho. He, along with Deco and others, had a influence. Also when Neymar came. They were Brazilians. They marked the history of the club. I also dream of arriving and creating my own history in Barcelona”.

Xavi wants to become a great Bara player and I want to be



“I was able to talk to him several times. It was a huge honour. He was a fantastic player, he is building a wonderful coaching career. He wants to become a great Bara player and I want to become a great honour.”

Samba returns to the locker room

The door

Laporta on Raphinha

“It’s very exciting because all of us who have experienced the golden few in the history of the club, there has always been a Brazilian. Raphinha reminds us of the players who created this saga of the Brazilians. He takes the testimony. We must meet again with joy, magic… come back on Nice game. Xavi insisted a lot. Thanks Deco. We look forward to working, to training and to you continuing to be the same, with joy. We have always loved the beautiful game here. We are very proud of this signature for several reasons. He is Brazilian, he follows the saga of Brazilian players. It reminds us of recent times when the Barcelona joy returned. follow the magic Nice game and we are particularly happy. Once again, the samba returns to the Bara lodge. We haven’t heard celebrations with Brazilian songs for a long time.”

We must find happiness, magic… the beautiful game returns

The door

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