FC Barcelona | Presentation of Raphinha with Barça, live and online

So far Raphinha’s presentation. Everything the deed gave of itself will be broken down with full details on our website. Next meeting, the first friendly of the United States tour against Inter Miami, at dawn from Tuesday to Wednesday. We’ll be there to tell you live

The press conference ends with Laporta giving Raphinha a picture of her official presentation.

Can you imagine helping Lewandowski

Raphinha: “What I imagine is helping Alba, Ferran, Ansu… players who are already in the squad. If the president doesn’t want to talk about players who aren’t in the squad, me no more.”

Coste de Raphinha

Laporta: “It’s an operation that has a transfer to the club that sells the player and a commission to the agent.

Alemany: “It’s a classic operation in percentages and amounts. There is only an ordinary agent commission”

Offer to Bayern for Lewandowski

Laporta: “We don’t want to get into this question, but the answer hasn’t come yet. Out of respect for Bayern, we won’t go any further”

sports aspirations

Raphinha: “Personally, I think when a team is doing well, what you want individually is good. I have to help the group achieve individual titles and goals.”

About Lewandowski

“We will try to fulfill the requests of the technical staff. We are not forcing ourselves, because it depends on the different parties. We are working very well to make a very competitive team. Today we present to you Raphinha, which was a request from the coach and I would like to thank him for prioritizing Barça over other proposals. Regarding players who have a contract, we have contacted the clubs, but out of respect for Bayern, we cannot enter into negotiations. We have to keep the reserve out of respect for Bayern”.

Did you learn Polish?

Laporta: “Portuguese sounds good to me and I’ve heard it spoken for many years and I can say something. I like to hear it. Polish? I don’t want the answer to be misunderstood. I don’t speak this language, although I like it a lot. Of course, they call us Polish Catalans.

Koounde Option

Alemany: “I’m not a fan of names. The coach has set priorities for us and we are attentive to the market. There is a month and a half left and a lot of things can happen. What has been done already gives a boost to the ‘team as. be, will be’.

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