Fall Guys: Get the Gold Gladiator skin for free in The Idol Games

The dome of the stumble of fall guys has already hosted since yesterday in Spain and around the world new challenges of the call The Idol Games event. Mediatonic collected challenges Sleeves for seasoned and courageous players which will allow the most experienced users to unlock in their accounts the new golden gladiator costume. If you want to know the details of this event, how to get the free skin and what other rewards are available, then we will show you in this news.

Fall Guys Idol Games Event: Dates and Details

The new event titled The Fall Guys Idol Games has been introduced alongside an advertising thriller like the one you can see on these lines.

  • The idol games have a duration that goes Thursday July 14 Al Monday July 18 of 2022.

While the event is active, players can participate in a series of high difficulty rounds. For example, is the new final round of Hexanillo which was presented a few weeks ago to the title as part of its transition to free to play. This test places players in a huge spinning wheel whose floor plates crumble as you walk on them, as in the classic Hexagon.

Mediatonic ensured that the idol games were designed only for the bravest: “Imagine one of the hardest challenges to ever exist in Fall Guys. Now imagine it twice as hard as you thought and a little harder. And now multiply it by four”they assure the company.

How to get Gold Gladiator skin for free and more rewards?

As with the temporary events of Fall Guys, the idol games are presented with a series of unique challenges and rewards which players can complete by participating in the demanding rounds that have been included for the occasion. As you complete the challenges, you can earn event points and unlock with them the following list of rewards:

  • Idol Games Athlete Nickname: 200 event points.
  • 200 compliments: 300 event points.
  • Idol Games Athlete ID Badge: 500 event points.
  • Golden gladiator costume (bottom): 800 event points.
  • Golden Gladiator Costume (Top): 1000 event points.

As you can see, if you want to get the new Gold Gladiator outfit you will have to play skillfully a The idol games. Don’t forget that you have until July 18 to get it.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout it’s a funny and crazy battle royale there 3D platforms Developed by Mediatonic and distributed by Devolver Digital which is currently free for everyone on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. don’t forget to visit our complete guide in which you we give the best keys to rank in all events and much more.

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