earn money by playing and getting trophies

Sony has just launched its loyalty program called PlayStation Starswhich will allow you win prizes to play and win trophies. This will give the player an experience similar to the Microsoft Awards, which also rewards players for their activities. That said, PlayStation Stars will be completely free and give us Loyalty points which we can exchange for funds in PSN Currency and promote digital collection.

PlayStation Stars is the way to reward the player who invests his time to obtain these bronze trophies, flat, gold or the dear platinum in PlayStation games. But it will also include a series of challenges there events that will motivate the fan community to get the rewards. And it is that, PlayStation Stars will be free and will allow you to exchange the points you have obtained for funds in your digital wallet or collectibles.

Loyalty points will also be earned by purchasing from the PlayStation Store

PlayStation Stars PlayStation Store Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points, as PlayStation Stars rewards will be called, can also be obtained alternatively, buy games. To do this, you will need to subscribe to the service. PlayStation Pluswhich has a price of €8.99/month, €24.99 per term, €59.99 per year. It reminds us of the system gold dots of Nintendo Online Storewhere the members of My Nintendo they get these points by buying video games.

As we can see Nintendo and Microsoft are offering these loyalty programs and it’s something Sony would be doing soon. In the case of PlayStation Stars, its main attraction will be to obtain these points by completing the events and challenges offered. For example, there will be countryMonthly registration“, will give us points for simply play what you want.

But within this there will be a series of challenges and community events, such as the first player of your time zone to get the platinum trophy in a famous game and thus receive a special prize. As we said before, these can be redeem for cash on psn or PlayStation Store products.

PlayStation Stars Will Release ‘Digital Collectibles’: They’re Not NFT

Sony PlayStation Stars NFT Digital Collectibles

Yes, the first thing we thought of when reading something about digital collectionnon-fungible tokens inevitably come to mind (NFT). But don’t worry, that’s it Grace Chen, VP of Publicity and Author of Official PlayStation Stars Announcement Assures They’re Not NFT; since these cannot be in trade or sell. A movement in their favor would have been curious, when we already know very well that their market has collapsed.

That said, the “digital collectibles” that Sony mentions, will be art pieces that fans will love, as they will include the characters more iconic Sony games and history. Concretely, they will be 3D renderings of game characters and old Sony devices. Also, they state that some of them will be very rare and hard to findthus motivating players to compete for them.

Sony will ensure that there are always new collectibles up for grabs by keeping the community active and on the lookout for challenges and announcements. Regarding the release of PlayStation Stars, we don’t know anything yet, but we hope it will be for end of this year when it reaches the whole world.

“These are not NFTs in any way. They cannot be traded or sold. They do not use any technology of block chain and therefore are not NFTs,” said Grace Chen.

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