Cristinini and Carolina Iglesias ruin everything at the ‘UPA Next Reveal Party’ with Elesky, Elisawaves and Uy Albert

Cristinini and Carolina Iglesias were the presenters of the ‘UPA Next Reveal Party’ x Mahou, the event at which the series’ new generation of cast members were unveiled ‘UPA Next’ by ATRESplayer Premium.

Mónica Mara, Quique González, Marc Betriu, Marc Soler, Claudia Lachispa, Almudena Salort, Nuno Gallego, Karina Soro and Alex Medina will play the new students at Carmen Arranz’s school, revealed during the UPA NEXT revelation eveningthe big date on Twitch at the hands of Mahou.

The UPA NEXT Reveal Party event, where the series’ main cast was announced, had Cristinini and Carolina Iglesias as emcees. In addition, he also had the participation of Beatriz Luengo, Uy Albert, Elesky and Elisawavess and left some unforgettable moments.

Fans of fiction were able to meet exclusively the new generation of actors and the characters they will play. A meeting full of energy and emotion, where music and dance were the protagonists. UPA Next Reveal Party also had the participation of Toni Espinosa, official choreographer of the series, dancer and content creator Uy Albert and streamers Elesky and Elisawavess.

In the end, as you can see in the main video, the Carolina team ended up winning with 53% of the votes thanks to a poll on Twitch. But the event left many funny and unforgettable moments.

Uy Albert’s confession to Beatriz Luengo

At the most moving moment of the event Uy Albert confessed to Beatriz Luengo that he started dancing for Un Paso Adelante and that the series is to blame for the fact that he dedicated his life to dance.

“First of all I wanted to say hello to Beatriz. I want to tell you one thing and that is that I started dancing for you, for the UPA. Today I am a dancer, I am a dance teacher, I would have been twelve years old or so when the series and you are my inspiration Albert explained.

The fashion for radiators in Spain

Carolina remarked to Beatriz that she came to the event with rigs and radiators and together with Cristinini they remembered how the UPA series made radiators fashionable in Spain.

“They gave us leggings for dance lessons and I told them when we had a scene that we were going out to the theater that we had to wear everything with leggings,” said Beatriz who said people in the wardrobe weren’t clear on that but that she “started wearing the skirts with the radiators and they’ve already become a fashion in general”.

Carolina and Cristinini teachers?

We’re all wondering if we can sign @percebesygrelos and @IamCristinini as teachers? and they choose the specialty.

The new actors of UPA Next

‘UPA Next’, the new original series from ATRESplayer PREMIUM, has announced its new stars. He did it at the UPA NEXT Reveal Party, a big meetup streamed on Twitch hosted by Atresmedia with the help of Mahou.

This was the big reveal for the new cast of 'UPA Next'

It was the big reveal for the new actors of ‘UPA Next’ | This was the big reveal for the new cast of ‘UPA Next’

Quique González, Mónica Mara, Marc Betriu, Claudia Lachispa, Almudena Salort, Marc Soler, Karina Soro, Alex Medina and Nuno Gallego will star in the new original series of ATRESplayer PREMIUM; a new generation of young actors who have great skills and training in acting and dance, and who will bring the students of the Carmen Arranz school to life.

In this new stage of the series, Miguel Angel Munoz, Monica Cruz and Beatriz Luengo they will return to bring their popular characters Rober, Silvia and Lola to life; yes, this time they will do it as school teachers. The fixed cast also includes actors Lucas Velasco and Marta Guerras who will play Professors Luiso and Sira respectively. In addition, the new series of ATRESplayer PREMIUM will also have special episodic participations, among which Lola Herrera stands outwho will again embody the mythical Carmen Arranz.

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