Concert Rosalia Fuengirola | Rosalía hypnotizes during her concert at the Marenostrum in Fuengirola

The stage begins to roar, the engines start and the madness is unleashed: ¡Daddy Saoko, Saoko! After 10 p.m. in the evening and wearing a fluorescent helmet, Rosalie she came out on stage ready to eat it.

His legion of motomamis and motopapis chanted each verse, while the Catalan dazzled in a show attention to detail. The heat didn’t intimidate the thousands of fans, who lined up for hours to see their idol. And what’s more their looks for the occasion were worthy of the catwalks: Red and the symbol of Motomami were the protagonist, as well as the mile-long fingernails decorated in detail or the pants and shirts decorated with song lyrics.

After Saoko’s topic, he continued with Candies and cookies. The rhythm of bachata came from the hand of Notoriety and continued with his discouragement hurt me A roller coaster of mixed feelings through every song. from the melancholy of Genius, the lullaby she dedicated to her nephew, where the singer’s gaze shone with emotion; in the power of Bulerias or Combi Versace, where the artist has not forgotten the zapateo.

His most popular songs were also not missing from his repertoire, such as Devil, I x you, you x me and Mal or I think of you look. The choirs did not stop in each of the songs that the singer was unwinding, nor in abcdefg, its particular alphabet.

Con M for Motomami and Malaga, Hurricane Rosalía thrilled with three new songs; including the merengue from Despecha, the first 30 seconds of which came out a few days ago, but the malagueños They recited it verbatim.

A concert where the minimalist scenography matches the Motomami style: A simple stage, where sound and choreography do the rest. A show in which Rosalía he united his flamenco roots, without forgetting the avant-garde. A cross-generational mix, where he also pays homage to the kings of reggaeton in a mix of Gasoline or Papi Chulo2000 hits more alive than ever.

Rosalía, during her concert at the Marenostrum in Fuengirola Alex Zea

The Catalan said goodbye to Malaga with CUUUUUuuuute and left the legion of motomamis euphoric, wanting to see her again. This is the fourth concert of the Motomami Tour and the last in Andalusia. Now the tour is heading to Madrid and Barcelona; July 19 and 20 at the WiZink Center; and the 23rd and 24th at the Palau Sant Jordi.

Before, he will have passed through Valencia (16) to continue his national tour through Bilbao (July 27), La Coruña (29) and Palma de Mallorca (August 1). During her jump to the American continent, Rosalía will give three concerts in Mexico: Mexico City (August 14), Guadalajara (17) and Monterrey (19). He will also travel to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Canada.

In the United States, it will stop in a dozen cities, such as Boston, Washington, San Francisco and Atlanta; with a double recital at Radio City Music Hall in New York and at the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles, where it is already sold out.

Finally, already in the last months of the year, will return to Europe where it will tour Portugal, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK until the tour wraps up in Paris on December 18.

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