CLM distributes more than 42,000 condoms for prevention

The Ministry of Health of Castile-La Mancha presented the new sexually transmitted infection prevention campaign ‘You decide when to protect yourself. Against STIs, use a condom, the most effective protection”.

This campaign is in line with the strategic line of the ‘Horizon 2025’ Health Plan prevention and health promotion.

More than 42,000 condoms will be distributed

It is mainly aimed at young populationalthough the objective is to make the whole population aware of the importance of prevention in the face of these diseases, such as syphilisthe clamidia Oh there gonorrhea.

The campaign recalls that, despite the fact that most sexually transmitted infections do not show symptoms or visible lesions, they can have serious consequences To health.

The campaign was designed very specifically to be broadcast in social networks, web and radio, with audio and video spots, as well as posters.

In this sense, it is the first time that a campaign of these characteristics has been launched, specifically aimed at a younger audience and using social networks, in particular Twitch and TikTokas a vector of dissemination.

In addition, the campaign also includes the distribution of more than 42,000 condoms to associations who work with population groups where action in this area is considered a priority for the prevention of the transmission of sexual diseases.

Cases increase in CLM

According to data collected by the General Directorate of Public Health of Castilla-La ManchaBetween 2017 and 2020 have been diagnosed in the region more than 500 cases of gonorrheaclose to 350 the cases of syphilis and close to 300 the cases of clamidia.

In this way, we observe increasing evolution of the number of case diagnosed each year, with exception 2020a year marked by the pandemic and the measures put in place to deal with it.

This is how the director of the Institute of Health Sciences, Juan José Criado during an information session on sexually transmitted infections held last Thursday at the Ministry of Health.

Analysis of these data confirms that they remain risk behaviorseither through ignorance or through a false perception of safety, which makes it necessary to recall the importance of prevention in line with the objectives set by the “Horizon 2025” Health Plan.

Programs to prevent them

The Castilla-La Mancha Health Service has several lines of work, such as the cervical cancer screening program for early diagnosis, Vaccination against human papillomavirus in 12-year-old girls.

It is also distributed HIV pre-exposure prophylaxisprior medical prescription, in public hospitals in the region, as explained by the General Director of Health Care of the Castilla-La Mancha Health Service, Jose Antonio Ballesteros.

Also, they design Activities focused on fighting false myths and beliefs about STIs reduce stigma and discrimination against those who suffer from it.

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