check traffic in your area without opening the app

Google Maps has included a new widget to make our life easier, with it we can see the traffic in our area without having to open the app. We tell you how to place it in the main screen of your mobile and its functions.

Real-time traffic on your mobile’s main screen

The Mountain View GPS application already has a widget that allows us to easily access the main functions of the application. How to search for an address on Google Maps, start navigation to home, work or access the location of supermarkets and restaurants near our location… But now a new widget has also been added with which we can see the current traffic situation where we are.

It is a module with a size of 3×2 that we can place on the main screen of our mobile. For this to work properly, we need to have location enabled at all times. This way you will know the influx of vehicles on the streets and highways near your location.

Very useful for checking road conditions before leaving or starting navigation quickly no need to search app icon to open ittouching directly on it we will have access to all the functions.

It is only available for users with Android Phones 12, a system that can also include other shortcuts such as location sharing, driving mode or directions that do not appear in previous versions. Placing this widget on the main screen is very simple, we will do it in the same way as we would with the rest of these accesses.

New traffic widget on Google Maps

New traffic widget in Google Maps | TecnoXplora

  • Tap any free space on the phone’s home screen.
  • After a few seconds, a context menu appears in which we select the option Widgets.
  • Then we go through the options looking for Google Maps.
  • Once we have located it, click on the new widget and drag it to the area of ​​the screen where you want to place it.
  • In this way we can already make use of it.
  • This process may vary depending on the layer of customization depending on the manufacturer of our phone. But it is very similar from almost all manufacturers.

This is a main box in which you can see the map of the area in which we are and the state of traffic. It allows us to have an overview or we can resize the map to see a certain part of the map with more pressure.

You can also zoom out using the zoom to get a larger area and get a more general idea of ​​traffic conditions. Although we must bear in mind that its use can affect the autonomy of our phone.

By constantly updating in the foreground, we will notice how much the energy consumption of our device increases. Not only by displaying updated information, but also by constantly using the location. A small price to pay to know first hand the state of traffic in the area.


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