Charlene’s war against Carolina of Monaco continues: she does not go to the Bal de la Rose but acts as a guide for tourists at the Grimaldi Palace

It can’t be a coincidence or a
innocent gesture. We are talking about the reappearance of
princess charlene, just two days after the Bal de la Rose, the most exclusive and sophisticated fashion event that the Grimaldis celebrate to put themselves on the luxury map. The
first lady of monaco did not want or could not attend the traditional feast presided over by
Carolina of Monaco and Prince Albert and for the greater glory of his daughters, Carlota Casiraghi and Alexandra of Hanover. They both shone brightly.

We say that neither Charlene’s absence from Carolina’s most beloved party nor her reappearance two days later, in an activity that has nothing to do with the sophisticated and luxurious events featuring the Casiraghi Hannover, can be a coincidence. Who would have imagined that the first lady of Monaco would play
Touristic guide by the Grimaldi Palace?

This was the case: Princess Charlene, with a smile on her face, took on the task of welcoming the first tourists to the Grimaldi Palace, who were able to see the Renaissance frescoes which, after a
restoration several years, finally sees himself in the residence of the princes. He took pictures with everyone.

Then a renewal and
Charlene guided the same group of tourists through different institutional rooms of the palace which had also undergone restoration, and which can be visited until October 15. There is no doubt: Charlene is perfect and the photographs that visitors have posted hugging her affectionately prove it.

Princess Charléne kisses a tourist she has guided through the restored gardens of the Grimaldi Palace. /


This return can only be interpreted as a declaration of intent in its own right. And a sign that Princess Charlene has returned determined to
chart your own path as first lady of Monaco, probably outside the guidelines set by a much more conservative Carolina de Monaco.

It is inevitable to draw a comparison: while the bulk of the Grimaldis continue the tradition of entertaining luxury and celebrity with a Bal de la Rose that shines less and less, Charlène seems more inclined to follow in the footsteps of the
village princess who prefer more contact with ordinary citizens.

Why the war between Carolina and Charléne is getting worse

Each step that Charlene of Monaco takes puts more meters of distance with the most
hieratic carolina, validating the legend of a serious clash between the two. Such is the need for the first to make a difference with her sister-in-law, that she even transfers her to the styling department. Another target is the South African princess.

Carolina de Monaco and her daughter, Charlène Casiraghi became the public face of Chanel: the first with her constant militancy in the looks of the French “house”, the second also as the official spokesperson for the house. One could say that the Grimaldis illustrate the
classic spirit with the brand’s retro nods.

Princess Charléne of Monaco admires the 16th century frescoes discovered during the renovation of certain rooms of the Grimaldi Palace. /


Charlène however projects herself much more in the contemporary spirit, with tech references and innovative silhouettes, from Louis Vuitton. Nail
divergence who transfers to the style the gap that could open up between a first lady in search of her place and a displaced Caroline, who represents the ways of doing things in the 20th century.

It is one of the few appearances that Charlene of Monaco (44) has made since recovering from the infection which kept her for ten months in South Africa, her native country, and in his return to the Principality, to a clinic in Switzerland. Indeed, this long absence of the first lady has triggered all kinds of
divorce rumors with Prince Albert (64), who denied the marital crisis in every possible way.

For now, Charlene has chosen non-elite events to serve as first lady:
visited a maternity hospital, went to Oslo on an official visit, walked the red carpet at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival and attended a rugby match in the stands. Can we imagine Carolina of Monaco in a rugby match? Hard.

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