Canceled the ‘Madrid Puro Reggaeton Festival’ | Present

The Pure Madrid Reggaeton Festival It was supposed to open today and it won’t. The community of Madrid did not give the green light to the celebration of the event, for which more than 36,000 tickets had been sold. As the Community of Madrid explains, the stadium (Wanda Metropolitano) intended to host the festival”does not meet the necessary security conditions because the Wanda is not a multipurpose space”.

The Community of Madrid issued a statement in which we can read that “the organization requested a new permit on Monday, July 11 and the document was received by the regional government on Tuesday, July 12. For this type of event, the the minimum application period is one month, it was therefore out of time”, assures the Community in its note.

The organization of the festival changed, of their own free will, the first place chosen, the Caja Mágica, because they felt that, for production reasons, it was better to do it at the Wanda. Now it can’t be one or the other.

The festival tried until the last moment to reach an agreement with the Community of Madrid. Thus, he published a note in which it can be read that they ask the Community of Madrid to reconsider its decision. In the end, the efforts did not bear the expected fruit and there will be no party. In the coming days, the organization will begin to return the amount of tickets sold.

The public bought the tickets for the Latin festival with the idea of ​​enjoying an event that had managed to gather under the same poster Papa Yankee, in his farewell, since the artist announced a few months ago his retirement from the music scene, in addition to other important musicians such as Natti Natasha, Gente de Zona, Juan MaganÑengo Flow, Eladio Carrion oh Bad girl.

The The festival lasted two days and, as the organization acknowledges, it was a unique concert in which “there are more than 100 accredited national and international journalists and, 24 hours after its celebration, the event is on everyone’s lips in Madrid”. the Community of Madrid to reconsider its position.

The reactions of people who already had their ticket, train tickets and accommodation were not long in coming. Many are wondering, on social networks, whether or not they should take a train to Madrid. Others criticize the lack of response from the Community and the organization.

The disappointment on the part of the participants and the organization is evident before this unexpected cancellation.

In this summer when the public is more eager than ever for the festival, we are witnessing the release of many posters or cancellations as happened with the Diversity of Valencia.

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