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Interactive toys are an effective way to prevent destructive or bad behavior in pets, which often stems from stress or anxiety. Thus, these types of games guarantee optimal entertainment and require their concentration, perseverance and insistence to achieve a goal or a reward, which keeps them busy and keeps them away from bad behavior. In addition, it helps them exercise their logic and stimulates their physical activity, since most toys require them to move their legs or try to access a trinket by solving a puzzle.

There is a wide range of models to choose from, but to make your search easier on THE COUNTRY Showcase We’ve rounded up a selection of some of the best interactive dog toys available on Amazon. All products have been made from safe materials and are sold at affordable prices. Discover them!

PetSafe Interactive Dog Toy

busy buddy is a fun and interactive purple squirrel designed for small dogs (although larger sizes are available) and resistant to powerful bites, offering great durability.

It has been made with safe and non-toxic materials, in addition to being able to be cleaned in the upper part of the dishwasher, for optimal maintenance and hygiene.

Works as a distributor

This interactive pet toy functions as a treat or food dispenser, since its interior can be filled in a personalized way and the squirrel lets the elements escape through its small slits.

Trixie interactive dog toy

It is an interactive dog toy designed to stimulate your pet both physically and mentally, with two different and customizable levels of difficulty.

And it is that the game is composed of a structure equipped with three revolving pots (suitable for the dishwasher), in which food or treats can be introduced, which the dog must obtain by turning them. And it is that the boats incorporate covers and adjustable openings, depending on the difficulty you want to achieve.

non-slip base

This interactive dog toy has a total size of 22 x 33 x 18 centimeters and has a non-slip base, designed with resistant rubber that prevents damage to the floor.

dog toy dog tornado of Outward Hound, several models

The toy dog tornado for dogs was designed for you to enjoy interactive entertainment, where the ultimate goal is to get a reward in the form of a treat or food.

It has the shape of a circular disc and has nine triangular compartments, accompanied by white plastic handles, which block them hermetically. Thus, the animal must sequentially lift the handles to unlock them and access the food.

Advanced level puzzle

Avoid your pet’s destructive behavior with this interactive toy, as it is an advanced level puzzle that requires more concentration and perseverance than other models.

interactive toy game tower for dogs by Trixie

Physically and mentally stimulate your pet with this playful option, an interactive toy designed by Trixie, specialist in dog activities.

It has the shape of a tower, with dimensions of 25 x 27 centimeters, in which can be introduced treats or food that the animals must try to obtain using various techniques. It offers two levels of difficulty, to be chosen according to need, which are adjusted using the cones (included in the package).

resistant materials

All parts of this interactive dog toy are made from high quality materials, which are wear resistant and very durable. In addition, they are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned regularly without damage.

McNory interactive dog toy

This interactive pet mat ensures your pet is entertained and relaxed, how? Very simple! Its interior can be custom filled, hiding food for dogs to seek out while they play.

It has a total size of 70 x 50 centimeters and has different textures, divided into zones, with multicolored patterns. The mat is made from high quality cotton fabric, which is machine washable for extra hygiene.

folding design

The McNory Interactive Dog Mat is easy to take with you anywhere as it features a foldable design that allows for easy rolling and securing with a velcro loop, perfect for outdoor activities!

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