“Being with Oblak has changed my mentality”

Benjamin Lecomte He was presented this Thursday as a new Espanyol player. The 31-year-old French goalkeeper arrives on loan for one year from Monaco, while last year he was loaned to Atlético de Madrid where he was unpublished. He becomes the fourth reinforcement for Diego Martínez after the arrivals of Brian Olivan, Joselu and Vinicius Souza.

The arrival of The countIn principle, this could not prevent another goalkeeper from arriving in the continuation of the summer market to complete the list of ‘keepers’. Alvaro Fernandez (Huesca) and Dragowski (Fiorentina).) still interest the sports management but the high economic pretensions, in particular in the case of the Pole, have cooled the operations.

Benjamin Lecomte, in his official presentation with Espanyol

Benjamin Lecomte, in his official presentation with Espanyol


The count He started by saying that “I will give everything to have a good season here”. He acknowledges that the recommendation of Mario Hermoso, former parakeet and his teammate at Atlético encourages him even more to come. “I spoke with him and he really wanted to come,” he confessed.

He doesn’t see signing for Espanyol as a way to justify himself as he thinks his year as a mattress player, despite not playing a minute, has been very profitable for him. “It seems strange not to have played last year. But at Atlético with the amount of high level players there, I improved a lot. I had a lot more desire to continue in the league, a very high level competition and I have to thank Espanyol for their confidence and their ability to play here”.

Asked about his credentials as a goalkeeper, the Frenchman was clear. “The goalkeepers I love are Type Neuer or Ter Stegen. Even though a year with Oblak helped me understand why he is one of the best in the world. Spending a year with Oblak changed my mentality,” he said.

Lecomte, with his new shirt

Lecomte, with his new shirt


The door to only playing a year as a budgie hasn’t closed and he doesn’t take on Espanyol as a way to succeed in La Liga and fly later. “Espanyol is not a springboard for me, I’m not just thinking about the year of the transfer. I want to show my qualities and stay here longer if it’s good for me and for everyone. I want to show my abilities in this club, and If I can mark a time and stay here,” he said.

Lecomte admitted he had little doubt when questioned by Espanyol. He quickly said “yes”. “I spoke with Catoira when I just got back on vacation and I’ve already told him to sign. For me, it’s the best opportunity, because of what the club is and its history.”

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He defines himself as a “very modern goalkeeper, I like to play as a team, with good ball performance. I really want to train, pass on to my teammates, talk on and off the field. J like to go out and help my teammates in the difficult moments of a match, I will never lower my head we have to pass that on.”

Lecomte, new Espanyol goalkeeper

Lecomte, new Espanyol goalkeeper

Domingo Catoira, sports director, He acknowledged that at the club “we are very happy and satisfied with the arrival of Lecomte. We filled a need that we had more or less obvious and with a great professional with great experience in all the clubs he went through. I can only thank him for his efforts, patience and discretion.”

For the manager, one of the keys to having fought and equalized the Frenchman is that “he is a goalkeeper who gives stability and experience. We have been following him for a long time. He is a higher-ranking goalkeeper at Espanyol but we took advantage of it the opportunity. The stability, the experience, a good mentality and the ambition that we want to implement in the team.”

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