Barca’s 10 best details from their Olot debut

From Aubameyang’s goalscoring virtue to Pablo Torre’s quality, Pedri’s recovery, Ansu’s scratches and youth power in a team that still shows Xavi’s trademark

The Barça coach took control of the 1-1 in Olot (

The Barça coach took the iron out of the 1-1 in Olot (“the result doesn’t matter anymore”) and, after the announcement of Raphinha and Dembélé, he valued the work that is being done

The barkplayed an experimental friendly against Olot (1-1) which more than conclusions, because it is still being filmed, left some first details on a group which will take shape. The result is not important now. Both teams aligned xavierone in each game, were thick, but the staging of certain players and their adaptation after ten days of training left a good impression.




At the height of Lewandowski in Munich

The first goal of the pre-season came from Aubameyang, who goes about his business while Barca negotiate the arrival of Lewandowski. The Gabonese continues to see the door as in his first half at Barça (13 goals in 23 games). He scored on the third chance after a shot that the Olot goalkeeper saved and a header on the crossbar

Pablo Torre, in his first pre-season game



First Quality Drops

The former Racing de Santander player showed his class by playing between the lines and joining the Barça attack. He had stamina, played on first touch and almost always had the ball. He created a goal-scoring opportunity for Aubameyang with a pipe including a rival and went into space which the Gabonese failed to take advantage of. Xavi congratulated him at the end of the game. left a good feeling




First with own label

Kessie debuted as an inside, attacking spaces and going deep into the group. He gave Aubameyang a cross, whose header hit the crossbar. He tried to do what Xavi asked him to do. A lot of work and recovery in midfield, even if the fatigue of the first sessions marked him.

Ansu Fati and Pedri, against Olot



Recovery is on track

Pedri hadn’t been seen playing for Barca since April, when he picked up the injury. And although he snorts in his first minutes, the canary has not lost an ounce of talent and audacity. Good news for falling in love with a flag midfielder again

Arnau Casas, in Olot-Barça



Newcomers who left good details

Arnau Casas, right-handed central defender; Alex Valle, left-back; Marc Casadó, midfielder; Left-handed centre-back Chadi Riad and Fabio Blanco, 18 and 19, made their debuts for Barca’s first team. His participation is remarkable and Valle, who also played as a winger, sent a ball over the crossbar.




first exams

Nico in the first half and Pjanic in the second were Xavi’s first candidates to succeed Busquets at pivot during pre-season. The former showed a more defensive spirit, while the latter added quality and class, although he lacked more of his repertoire.




Maturity and stepping forward from the crack

Ansu Fati knows that the competition will be tough throughout this season, that the continuity of Dembélé and the signing of Raphinha force him to take a step forward. More than for his game, the youth team once again showed that he is not afraid of scratches. He wore the wristband and took responsibility for a free kick which ended with the ball hitting the wall.




The system is not marketed

Xavi opted for the usual system, 4-3-3, both in the first and second half, with play between the lines but also the opening of the field with the wings. Abde, on the left, tried everything. It lacked strength but showed a repertoire of concepts that would gain consistency with games.

Olot - Barcelona: summary, result and goals |  Friendly pre-season 2022-2023



Some proof of authorship

Xavi is starting the season from the beginning. Last year he came halfway to save the team from the pit they were in and took them to shore and into the Champions League. The club meets all his requirements and the signings will strengthen his idea of ​​football. Pablo Torre and Kessie agreed with him on their shopping list.

Collado, in a moment of the second part of Olot



Collado is already on it

Last season, Collado played on loan at Granada. Xavi claimed him for this pre-season and the youth team showed he wants to take advantage of his opportunity. He was active and provided the team with inside balls that created danger and scoring opportunities.

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