Athletics: Mara Prez without medal option will be disqualified

García Len wins the gold medal

The Peruvian shows that she was the best in the final disputed in Eugene and wins the gold medal with 1:26:59 (personal best), the Pole wins the silver medal and finally the Chinese is third. García León gives historical title to Peru.

last round

The Peruvian is on the verge of securing the first gold medal for Peru. Zdzieblo passes second and the Chinese third.

Zdzieblo ranks second

The Peruvian, Garca Len, is still first and has increased the distance with the Pole who placed second. Last two laps and the distance between the first and the second lap is 46 seconds.

Silver Medal Fight

Silver is in danger for the Chinese, the Pole dreams of second place since she is only 4 seconds behind Qieyang. Qieyang will have a hard time with the remaining 3 and a half kilometers to the finish.

four kilometers to go

The Pole is 24 seconds behind the Peruvian. At 4 kilometers from the finish, Garca Len is close to gold, the Chinese is second and the Pole third.

Mara is disqualified

María is disqualified at kilometer 14. This is the second disqualification this year for the woman from Granada. The Peruvian breaks the race and tries to leave the Chinese behind him.

María climbs to the seventeenth position

Mara is seventeenth with a pace of 4:32. The Chinese and the Peruvians have faced each other six times, in each of them the victory has been for Qieyang.

eight laps to go

Qieyang is first, Garca Len second, Zdzieblo third. That’s how the medals look with eight laps to go in the final. The Spaniard is eighteenth, she is 2h44 from the lead. The Australian who arrived with the best score is fourth.

Mara, for a new goal

If the Granada woman stays in the top 12, she will secure a European Cup spot next year. He has 9 laps left to reach this new objective.

He reaches the middle of the race

Zdzieblo is third, 20 seconds behind the Chinese who placed first. It reaches 10 kilometers with a time of 46 minutes.

Mara tries to come back

If they take another Spanish-style card, it will be eliminated from the final. María is trying to move up the ladder despite being more than two minutes away from medals. In just one kilometer, he passed 10 runners, taking risks and going 7 seconds faster than the race leader.

come back Mara

Three groups in the lead. The Peruvian and the Chinese are still first and second, while the Pole is alone in third position when he reaches kilometer nine of the final. Mara comes back into the race when the lead takes 20 seconds from the Pole.

Penalty at Mara

Garca Len takes 22 seconds from the Chinese. Mara is sixth, 57 seconds behind the Peruvian. They draw the second card to the Spaniards. Third card for Mara who has to wait two minutes to come back just like Monge.

27 minutes left

Monge receives the second card, he is one away from having to leave the final. Mara passes 30 seconds from the lead and 11 from bronze.

25 minutes to go

Maria is 12 seconds behind the two leading runners at kilometer four. They continue to maintain the original pace of 4:20, although the second group has slowed down.

20 minute walk

The Peruvian and the Chinese escape. If she were champion, García León would go down in Peruvian history, hence the high pace she has been setting up since the start of the final. First carton for Mara Prez.

Mara Prez keeps pace with the second group

The race leader is divided into two groups. García León and Qieyang are the two athletes fighting for the top spot. The Spaniard follows the rhythm of the second group by placing herself in third position.

10 minutes to go

28 degrees are recorded as the final unfolds. Nine athletes take the lead and pick up the pace. Wu leads the race, while María Pérez is in seventh position. The finalists have a pace of 4:20 per kilometer.

five minute walk

The Chinese have a pace below 1:28:00. The Spaniard keeps pace with the top three and ranks fourth.

start the end

Mara Prez is among the first with the Asians. The 20-year-old Chinese athlete takes first place with a high pace.

Walkers warm up

Run on a circular circuit of 1 km. There are important absences like that of the Italian and the Colombian, this opens the options for Mara Prez. The 41 walkers are already waiting on the starting line.

10 minutes to start the final

The March gave to Spain three of the seven gold medals he has in his locker at the World Championships in Athletics. It is true that in neither of the last two editions (London 2017 and Doha 2019) has he obtained a medal, however we must remember the three fourth places at the Tokyo Games.

Therefore, this appointment is special for the Spanish team. Hopes rest on European Champion, Mara Prez. The Andalusian could create the Spanish locker for the first American World Cup in history and talk about it: “I don’t feel the pressure to be the main medal option. I focus on my work and what I want is for everything to go well on D-Day and H-Hour.”

Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that the Granada woman took a long vacation after the Olympic medal eluded her by just eight seconds. After that, he recovered his best version and on January 30 I broke the European record for the 35km walk in Lepe with 2:39:16 and on February 13, he won national gold in Pamplona with 1:27:40. Now get to Eugene like the second fastest woman of the year. His time was 1:27:40, making him a gold medal contender.

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