Ana Terradillos will present ‘Cuatro al día’ in relief by Joaquín Prat for her jump to ‘Ya es midday’

It took less than four days Mediaset Spain by reorganizing its current formats, after the march from Sonsoles Ónega to Atresmedia. Joaquin Prat will begin this same Monday 18 at the head of it’s already noonadvancing its arrival in the program initially scheduled for September.

It was the veiled farewell of Sonsoles Ónega from 'It's already noon', before his signature by Atresmedia

It was the veiled farewell of Sonsoles Ónega from ‘It’s already noon’, before his signature by Atresmedia

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Finally, his landing in the desktop magazine will lead to his departure from four a day, the evening format she has presented since 2019 on the second Mediaset channel. But his relief is already assigned: it will be Ana Terradillos whoever faces the new stage of this program from the same day, informs the channel.

This involves some changes in The AR program: Prat will not only order from Monday it’s already noonbut will also assume the conduct of the summer program close to Patricia Brown, “to give unity to the morning and after-dinner programming of Telecinco”. He does this due to Terradillos leaving the morning magazine, in order to focus on Cuatro’s afternoon space.

A graduate in journalism from the University of Navarra and in political science from the UNED, Terradillos has developed most of her career on Cadena SER, for which she covers events such as the war in Iraq in 2003. During the last decade, she began appearing on television, as a talk show host for current formats such as The AR program, Les matins de quatre oh a new timebefore jumping in the summer of 2016 to the summer program, as a substitute presenter for Ana Rosa Quintana during the holidays.

In this final television season, he was assigned to cover Quintana while on sick leave. Closely related to Unicorn content, has also been over the past year in the In the spotlight for four.

The changes caused by the sudden loss of Sonsoles Ónega

The departure of Onega caused a considerable earthquake in Mediaset Spainwhere he established himself as a benchmark for the general public after 14 years with the company.

The presenter, who after going through News telecinco jumped into the world of entertainment with the most varied formats, has set sail for Atresmedia to begin a new professional stage The details of which have not yet been made public.

For now, Telecinco has rushed to seal the wound with these forced changes involving Terradillos and Prat.

Sonsoles Ónega’s farewell went rather unnoticed on the chain’s sets. Journalist he said goodbye to the audience very discreetly hours before her retirement was announced, and the next day she was replaced in it’s already noon for Marc Caldero.

Her colleagues remembered her: from the encrypted message of Maika Navarrountil words of affection What Alba Carrillo there benedictine rose They were transferred via social networks.

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