Ana Obregón gets wet in politics and specifies who she prefers as president of the government

Ana Obregón gives a very personal interview to Yo Dona in which she bluntly explores politics and declares which political leader she has a predilection for.

Ana Obregon It will never be the same again after life shook him with the greatest cruelty in May 2020 with the untimely death of his son Alex Lequio, whom he will always feel like “the love of my life”. Twenty-six months later, he provides in a interview with Yo Dona who has still not found that energy, that vitality and that smile that have always characterized him. “No, I’m not smiling anymore. Grieving needs space and a lot of solitude, a lot of silence and a lot of inner transformation.

An internal catharsis that involves taking refuge in the study of quantum physics in the books of Stephen Hawking and also of the brain. All for the purpose of understanding something as inherent as death. “During this period, I read 40 books on quantum physics, by Stephen Hawking. Now I study the brain. I want to understand death. I need to understand a lot of things,” he admits.

Reading and taking care of her father take up most of her time and she is not enthusiastic about socializing and investing part of her daily life in hobbies. “During these years, I haven’t yet gone out for a dinner or a meal in Madrid,” he reveals. But in addition to revealing the state of her heart, Ana Obregón also talks politics and gets wet. And he does it with an inconceivable feeling of heaviness and unease.

“The most prepared is Feijóo. It’s clear to me”

“I don’t believe in politics. All I see is a fight of egos, a fight for chairs, a boxing ring. Nobody does anything for us at all,” he says. When all the parties, on one side or the other, are desperate to steal this money while Spain is going through a wonderful time, with people who can barely afford electricity… I can no longer believe in the acronym. In any case, in the people behind these acronyms”, adds the actress. And when the interviewer asks him if he dares to give a name, he has no doubts. “The most prepared is Feijóo. I have that clear, ”he replies bluntly.

With the same force, Ana Obregón regrets that she “has been asking since the chimes of 2020 that more money be invested in cancer research, which kills 300 people every day in Spain”, but that since it is the pandemic silent “they haven’t moved a single finger, because they only care about the flight and the siege”. “I had to take my son to the United States to receive proton therapy treatment didn’t exist here. And when Amancio Ortega invests in anti-cancer devices, which by the way are very expensive, they don’t care about him,” he criticizes.

To fight against this injustice, “the only thing that warms my soul now is to help others”. For this reason, he managed to start his son’s Foundation. “It’s one of the things Álex wanted to do before he died, and I continued it with his father to help the sick and their families. It bears his name. And you don’t know how hard it was. The papers, the lawyers, the permits… It took me a year, my God, with the little strength I have to get up. But for this I drew energy. And There you go. I succeeded,” he rejoices.

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