Ana Obregón asks for more investments in health and says that Feijóo is the “most prepared” in a title that can be confusing

An interview of The world a Ana Obregon may contain more layers than initially believed. Many things can already be broken down into one title.

On the one hand, the actress says that called for more investment in cancer treatments. Everyone is aware that it is a situation that they have experienced closely and it is understandable that they have this sensitivity with the subject. This is a question on which there is general consensus and on which there is no disagreement.

As fast as it comes, the consensus is gone. Obregón says his demands were not heeded because “the parties are only interested in theft and the chair” and immediately afterwards, that “the most prepared is Feijoo“.

This is where the debate begins, because a defense of the public health and a candidate from People’s Party they don’t end up getting married. And less if the figure of Feijóo is included in the equation, seeing the Galician state of health during his tenure in the Xunta.

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The plot continues and it is that in the need to include Feijóo in the title, so that there is a public and recognizable figure defending its value, the publisher may have committed a gaffe.

With a lot of cunning, some twittos have detected that in the same title it says that “the parties only take care of the flight and the armchair” and after a point and follow: “Yes, the most prepared is Feijóo” . What is Feijóo most prepared for then?

All these questions have been commented on by tweeters, who do not miss an opportunity to celebrate.

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