Ana de Armas confesses what was the most “horrible” part of her relationship with Ben Affleck

Anne of Arms She has become one of the Latin actresses with the most international projection. The Cuban actress, whom we met in Spain thanks to her work on successful series like Boardinghas earned a small niche in Hollywood through her hard work, effort and talent, and is already rubbing shoulders with stars like Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, with whom her latest film is currently starring, The gray man (2022).

However, the Cuban actress became a regular name in the gossip press in March 2020, which many will remember as it marked the start of the first covid lockdowns, but which others keep alive in their memory for the birth of an unexpected couple: that formed by Ana de Armas and Ben Affleckamong whom love was born after filming together deep waters (2020).

Actor Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas in Los Angeles.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Arma have become the pandemic couple.


A love who walked the streets of their neighborhood in Los Angeles and was photographed daily by the journalists gathered there, who took advantage of the slightest opportunity that the couple went out to walk their dogs, have a coffee, Throw away the trash cans, look for the newspaper… Photograph them. Always together, always on the move, always in the same place. So much so that the couple installed a cardboard figurine of the actress in the garden of the actor’s house so that they could continue to photograph it.

Proclaimed protagonists of the gossip press at the time of the pandemic, they surprised by their breakup in January 2021 after almost a year of relationship. A decision then confirmed had been taken in a “friendly” manner; Ben Affleck rebuilt his life with Jennifer Lopez and the subject was never brought up again. Until now, because Ana de Armas has confessed some details about this mysterious relationship and the reasons that led her not only to leave it, but also to have to leave the city of Los Angeles, where she had lived for seven years.

Actors Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas in Brentwood

Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas, during their relationship.


The actress was honest with the magazine She, where he confessed what was most “horrible” about his relationship with Ben Affleck: the media attention on their relationship. A harassment that she did not support and which led her to leave the city. Still, she doesn’t take it as a negative, as it helped her “reevaluate her life” in Hollywood and re-establish her priorities, realizing it wasn’t the place for her: “This is It’s gotten a little too much. There’s no way out,” she admits, “It’s a city with bright lights that keeps you anxious all the time, you always have this feeling that there’s something that you don’t have, that you’re missing something.”

Moreover, at the time of the breakup, some sources close to the middle of the couple cited the desire of the actress to leave the city as the point of no return which would break the relationship forever, since the actor would have refused to leave Brentwood, where his three children and his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, live. Thus, prioritizing her mental well-being, it would be the Cuban who would have made the decision to end your relationship.

Happy with her current life

Today, the actress enjoys her life in New York, which has nothing to do with the West Coast of the country and gave her the tranquility and anonymity she dreamed of. He lives there with his new partner, Paul Boukadakis, Vice President of Tinderwith whom the actress has had a relationship for a year, having met him during the pandemic through a mutual friend.

Actor Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas and Chris Evans at the premiere of the film

Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas and Chris Evans are the protagonists of “The Gray Man”.


Currently, the actress is promoting The Gray Man, an action film where she was placed under the orders of the Russo brothers and which will be released this summer on Netflix; and in September we can see her in Blonde, bringing the mythical Marylin Monroe to life, in what many say is the performance of her career.

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