Yatra finds its partner of the year in Vigo

From the first hour of the day, it was clear that the concert of the Colombian it wasn’t going to be one more. Hundreds of people started position yourself early to get the best seat in the auditorium. And all this despite the hello extreme heat. what happened a few hours later only those who have experienced it can tell. But if anyone thought the thermometer couldn’t go any higher, they were wrong. And if you doubt it, just go to social media.


Absolutely full in Castrelos to see Sebastián Yatra
Joseph Lords

One of the best examples of what happened yesterday in Vigo with Sebastián Yatra is on Twitter, Instagram… “Wordless”tweeted one of the Colombian artist’s fan accounts along with a video of one of the concert highlights in which thousands of voices jumped to the rhythm of Yatra singing loudly Red pumps with their cellphone lights on. The image below these lines is bewitching.

But the story of Sebastián Yatra with Vigo started long before it was past ten o’clock at night Castrelos began to flirt closely with the artist, quite hurricane in the script.

Where did you eat?

In statements to FARO DE VIGO, Sebastián Yatra had said that he wanted “eat well”. And surely the menu did not disappoint. The Colombian artist chose the Mauro restaurant in San Adrián de Cobres.

And at a restaurant that boasts of being on top of the sea (literally), Yatra couldn’t pass up the opportunity to immerse your feet in the popular Ría de Vigo:

Haircut… with an angle grinder

But the main menu wasn’t going to be served until evening. Many expected him to take the stage – more than 60,000 people according to the mayor. Pressure and nerves that Sebastián Yatra warmed up jokingly in the backstage of catrelos. It was time to cut his hair… with a clipper.

Amazed by the public and the “opener”

The clock was approaching 10:00 p.m. and there was no more room in the auditorium and the audience was starting to crowd all the adjoining areas. But before we start, it was time to greet “the opener” who later would also receive a huge applause: the mayor, Abel Caballero. It was he who informed Sebastián Yatra behind the scenes of what awaited him there: more than 60,000 people.

And it’s only a few minutes later that Yatra was amazed. Or at least that’s what reflect your face in one of the videos posted on social networks. Caballero came out on stage and the applause was huge. A camera captured this moment and immediately turned around to film the Colombian artist’s reaction, poking his head out to see what was going on there. His face says it all:

“You are the best audience I’ve ever had”

And that’s when the madness began. Two hours of concert where Vigo and Sebastián Yatra forged their love. “You are the best audience I’ve ever had”proclaimed the Colombian artist at the end of the concert.

And if words were not enough to certify that this night in Vigo was special for Sebastián Yatra, its detail towards the end of the concert stirred – even more – the audience when the flag of Vigo was covered to sing your song with the whole audience couple of the year

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