Why did Ana de Armas leave Los Angeles after breaking up with Ben Affleck?

  • Actress Ana de Armas admits the most “horrible” aspect of her relationship with Ben Affleck, the media harassment

  • The Spanish-Cuban interpreter decided to leave Los Angeles and reside in New York

  • Ana de Armas is in a relationship with Tinder executive Paul Boudakadakis

Spanish-Cuban Anne of Arms She is one of the actresses of the moment. Since she made the leap to Hollywood, the interpreter has continued to reap success on the big screen and to receive succulent job offers. A few months for the premiere of the film ‘Blonde’, where Marilyn Monroe livesthe actress opened his heart to the American edition of Elle magazine.

weapons admitted the reason which led him to make one of his most complicated decisions in recent times, the to abandon the city of Angelswhere he usually resided.

“It was not a place for me. The constant media attention has been horrible“, he said, referring to the media harassment he suffered after his breakup with Ben Affleck. In fact, the courtship was already marked by the persecution of cameras and paparazzi.

The two met on the set of ‘Deep Water’ in 2019, though it was only summer of 2020 when it was confirmed that they were together. Their love affair lasted just over a year, coinciding with the worst moment of the covid pandemic. In the winter of 2021 it came to an end. At the time, a close source claimed that they were leaving “at different times in their lives”.

Since then, Affleck has resumed his romance with Jennifer López and De Armas maintains a romantic relationship with Paul Boudakadakis, Tinder framework. Of course, the actress kept him out of the spotlight to have as low-key a relationship as possible.

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Ana de Armas, from Los Angeles to New York

“It’s a city (Los Angeles) that keeps you anxious. You always feel something is missing, something that isn’t there,” he said of his life in the United States. . Now he lives in New York and admits he enjoys being in the North American country, although many times”I miss Europe.”

Likewise, he spoke to Elle magazine about the professional projects he has in mind. One of its main goals is to break the stereotype that exists about Latinos in fiction productions.

“I want to play a Latina, but I don’t want to put a fruit basket on my head. That’s my hope, to be able to show that we can do anything,” she said. He also highlighted that would like to expand his career with production work.

As she has said on other occasions, the 34-year-old performer carries her Cuban origins like a flag, of which she feels extremely proud.

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