Treatments to take care of the smile, at Corporación Dental

Each person’s smile is their letter of introduction when meeting others. Conveys a cheerful mood and a positive expression. Keeping it clean, healthy and aligned is key to ensuring good oral health. The clinic dental society is responsible for designing smiles through high quality care, carried out in its Cordoba Dental Clinic. The dentists have extensive experience in placing orthodontics and dental implants which have already improved the dental health and quality of life of more than 36,000 patients.

The importance of a good smile

For emotional health, the daily smile is essential, because of the chemical processes it evokes inside the body. The simple act of baring your teeth while laughing releases natural painkillers that lower your stress levels. When you smile, the body secretes the hormone of happiness, serotonin, but also endorphins, the hormones that reduce pain. This allows the body to relax and blood pressure to drop. The good mood that arises in this spontaneous process is also transmitted to others during the interaction.

For it, keeping teeth clean, healthy, stain-free and aligned provides greater confidence when it comes to smiling. With Corporación Dental’s smile design, each patient can improve their oral aesthetics in the hands of professionals in the field, who adapt to the different needs of their clients.

Smile guaranteed at Dental Corporation

This dental clinic in Cordoba was born in 2005 as a family business and since then it has been providing dental services to patients who trust their dentists. Professionals are in continuous training to stay up to date and improve their treatments orthodontics invisible or with bracketsdentures and zygomatic implants.

The attention of Corporación Dental manages to break the barrier of fear of the dentist, thanks to its close and familiar treatment and the use of techniques such as conscious sedation. This innovative method contributes to the management of stress and fear during complex treatments.

The team of 50 professionals, including collaborating doctors, assistants and administrative staff, is characterized by being a big family with a broad vision when it comes to finding effective solutions. Your personalized attention goes hand in hand with competitive prices and the payment facilities they offer to their patients, so that everyone can access a beautiful and healthy smile.

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