They demand 50 years in prison for Ricky Martin for this reason

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin, is not living his personal best moment. And it is that, a few weeks ago, we learned that the singer had been sued by domestic violence. The artist, who denied the factsrisk 50 years in prison, the maximum penaltyif his guilt is proven. Until now, we did not know identify from Alert launcher, the person who sued Martin is now known to be his nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sánchez. This ensures that he had a romantic relationship with the singer which lasted seven months.

Since this is a request for domestic violence, in Puerto Rico the laws for incest authorize a penalty of up to half century if proven. On July 21, the first hearing of the trial will take place and in it the son of Vanessa Martin, the sister from the artist of Living the crazy life oh the biteyou will have to prove the complaint filed against you, which involves a relationship between blood relatives.

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The identity of Ricky Martin’s nephew

The name of Dennisalthough his anonymity was protected by Law 54, which protects victims of domestic violence, it was brought to light by Eric Martin, another brother of the singer, who assures that the young man has mental problems. Moreover, the registration of the 21-year-old player with the Justice: Recently, a woman, whose identity has not been revealed, reported him for harassment after threatening to destroy his life.

50-year-old artist’s nephew claims in lawsuit Ricky Martin consummated drugs there alcohol and that it was he who decided to break off the relationship, which did not please his uncle, who began to call him insistently and persecute him. Judge Raiza Cajigas Campbell, of the Court of First Instance of San Juan (Puerto Rico), issued a order of protection against the singer, as published 20 minutes.

He insisted that the allegations are “totally false”we pass very bad pass: On the one hand, his former colleagues from the Menudo group publicly denounced the sexual abuse that they received from the director of the Boy and, on the other hand, he was prosecuted for his former right armRebecca Drucker, who claims 3 million euros from him, ensuring that she saved him several times from destroying his reputation and came to assure that Ricky wanted to silence her through extortion.

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