The unlikely clause that would force Sporting to buy Trincao

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If the Portuguese team does not go down, they will pay an additional 7 million euros to obtain 50% of the player’s rights

Barca keep a buyout option for 20 million euros, but in case of sale they will receive half of what is paid

The Sporting of Portugal announced in the press release concerning the signing of Francois Trincao the first payment to Barca of three million euros for the transfer of the player, in addition to a purchase option of seven million euros, which could become mandatory if certain conditions are met.

The journalist matteo moretto was able to discover the requirements that would force Sporting to buy 50% of the player’s rights and it sounds like a joke: the Portuguese club, one of the best in the country, must therefore remain in the first division, If the Lisbon team does not go down, Barça will receive an additional seven million euros.

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Three million euros for the transfer.

Seven million euros in purchase option (mandatory).

The player’s rights are divided at fifty percent, which means that in the event of a sale, Barca would pocket half of the transfer fee. Option to buy Barça for 20 or 25 million euros depending on the season in which we find ourselves.

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