The Spanish Stock Exchange lost 1.77% on Thursday and fell to the minimum since March

The IBEX 35the main Spanish indicator, lost this Thursday 1.77% and it is at its lowest level since March, on a day when investor sentiment weighed on the inflationthe fear of recession and political crisis in Italywhich increased the interest on the debt.

The IBEX 35 finished the session in the 7,804.30 points after leaving 140.60 whole, this 1.77%. The the losses accumulated during the year amount to 10.44%.

The Spanish Stock Exchange today added its fifth consecutive losing sessionwhich is his worst streak since late June.

The national market has already opened with losses after learning the day before US inflation hit 9.1%opening the debate on the Federal Reserve of EE (Fed) may raise interest rates even more aggressivelyup to 100 basis points.

EC forecast for Spain

Meanwhile, in Europe, the European Commission (CE) maintained its growth estimate for Spanish GDP in 2022 at 4%and raised its estimate of inflationuntil 8.1%.

Forecasts for the eurozone as a whole were less goodsince Brussels has once again revised downwards its growth forecasts for this year and especially the next one, while it has increased even more the average inflation expected in 2022 and 2023 up to 7.6% and 4%respectively.

Analysts say this adds more pressure on monetary policy European Central Bank (BEC).

Tensions in Italy

Similarly, the market also waited Italywhere the 5 Star Movement (M5S), one of the main parties in the government coalition, today abstained from voting on a motion of confidence in Prime Minister Mario Draghiin the Senate, which opened a government crisis in the country.

All of this had an impact on the debt market, where bond yields have risen sharply.

At the end of the session, the Spanish ten-year bond reached 2.34%; and the German, 1.189%, with whom the national risk premium rose to 116 basis pointswhile the Italian once again topped 200.

Oil gives a truce

On the commodities market, Brent, benchmark crude oil, today gave a respite from inflationary pressuressince it fell 2.48%, to 97.10 dollars, minimum price since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

The euro falls back below the dollarr, although at the close of the market it recovers up to $1,006.

Wall Street also trades at a loss after reports that JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley cut profits, while producer prices rose sharply.

Like the Spanish Stock Exchange, losses were taxed in the rest of Europe: Milan, lost 3.44%; Frankfurt 1.86%; London, 1.63%; and Paris, 1.41%.

national companies

In the Spanish market, Acciona stood out falling 6.1%; followed by PharmaMar, 5.27%; and Grifols, 5.13%.

Santander gave 4.46%; BBVA3.11%; Repsol2.96%; Iberdrola, 1.76%; Yes Telefonica1.62%.

Only four stocks closed with profits: Ena, 2.67%; AGI, 1.52%; Cellnex, 1.24%; and Siemens Gamesa, 0.42%.

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