“The Division Resurgence will be a free-to-play game with an ever-evolving open world on mobile”

Last week Ubisoft a d The resurgence of divisionits new, soon-to-be-released AAA open-world game for mobile devices that seeks to take one of its core franchises to the next level.

At Bolavip Gamer we had the opportunity to speak exclusively with James Berry, community developer of the game in development, who told us all about this new game, the reasons that led the company to bet on the mobile game market , to some particular details of this new game.

The first thing we asked James was the reasons for making this game, and he explained that the main thing was to be able to give The Division fans something new:

“The biggest ambition of the team is to take this great franchise [The Division] on mobile, bringing players everything they love about The Division and making it accessible enough to have on their mobile devices. I’m talking about the open world, running and shooting, covering and mutual aid, all of which makes The Division unique.”

Also, not too long ago the company announced that Rainbow Six Mobile is a reality, and another game coming soon, and James acknowledged that within the company they decided that it These were the two franchises indicated to begin the leap to mobile:

“More and more gamers are choosing mobile devices, and bringing a AAA title there is one of Ubisoft’s goals. The Division, like Rainbow Six, are franchises that have die-hard fans and now they will be able to too show it off. It also gives new players the opportunity to discover them.”

“While games are developed by separate studios, we’ve worked as a team to take some of the core features and take them to the next level, like the ability to customize in-game controls and UI to your liking. “

But going back to The Division Resurgence, players will have every chance to experience the game as another AAA in the franchise, and that includes all of its key features:

“The Division Resurgence Open World lets us run and fully explore this New York City, going from mission to mission and completing other side missions anywhere on the map, we want the game to feel like the console titles along these lines.”

“Everything can be played solo or co-op, our ideal is for the world to feel alive, for players to be inside and meet new players all the time. That’s why we will be adding content regularly once ‘he will be out.’

The Closed Alpha is coming soon, with dates to be revealed in the coming days, and we’ll have plenty to play with:

“At this time, we estimate that the closed alpha will offer between 12 and 15 hours of gameplay, although this depends on how deeply players wish to experience each part of the title. As I mentioned, it will be a world constantly evolving, and we don’t want players to feel like it’s coming to an end.”

Of course, we are dealing with a AAA game, which implies that a device capable of running it will be necessary. The Division Resurgence is not a game for all mobiles, but they expect the range of mobiles capable of running it to be quite wide:

“It’s a big game, and it will take slightly more powerful devices to make it work. However, we know what the state of the market is right now, and we will try to make it playable on as many devices as possible. possible.”

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