The Community refuses the authorization of the Madrid Puro Reggaeton festival a day after the start

Daddy Yankee ABC

The security and emergency plan would have been delivered out of time according to the regional government

The long-awaited farewell Daddy Yankee of his Spanish supporters. Just one day before starting, the festival Pure Madrid reggaeton It hangs by a thread, as the organization reports in a press release.

“The organization of the Madrid Puro Reggaeton Festival received with surprise, amazement and impotence the announcement of the Community of Madrid refusing the authorization to organize the event at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium on July 15 and 16. As is known, the organizing company has changed the location of the Caja Mágica festival to the Wanda Metropolitano stadium to celebrate a safer event, with better access, better connection to public transport and more space. 35,000 people have been waiting for months and planning to attend a historic event of undeniable cultural interest, such as the farewell of Latin music legend Daddy Yankee. The organization has presented a complete security and emergency plan for the smooth running of the event within the limits of the annex, but the Community argues that it was delivered after the deadline. If the deadlines were exceeded by the promoter, it is exclusively due to the fact that the Administration requested more and more documentation, and the festival team needed time to satisfy these requests.

The organizers also point out that “the announcement comes as a surprise as the festival is ready to open its doors tomorrow at 4:15 p.m., with the stage set up, sound equipment installed and security personnel finalizing preparations to welcome our audience. There are more than 100 accredited national and international journalists and, 24 hours after its celebration, the event is on everyone’s lips in Madrid. The festival has the certificate of cultural interest from the City Council of Madrid and has already paid the costs of organizing the event to the Community of Madrid. Every action the administration has taken in its relationship with us has made it clear that the festival has the green light.

With Music Elsewhere 2020 AIE, the organizing company of the Madrid Puro Reggaeton Festival is one of the largest promoters of music in Spain, and celebrates fifty successful concerts, tours and mass events every year, attended by more than 300,000 people. “We have 30 years of technical experience and a clean history of security incidents”, they assure. “On the part of the organizing company, we cannot understand or accept that the announcement to prevent the celebration of this festival is due to technical problems. The Wanda Metropolitano stadium regularly hosts sporting and musical events with a volume of identical and higher attendance, without registering incidents or causing problems for the safety of people. We do not doubt that there is an obvious lack of will in the regional administration for this event to take place. For all these reasons , we urge the Community of Madrid to reconsider its decision to prevent the event.On the part of the organizing company, Madrid Puro Reggaeton Festival meets all the technical and security conditions necessary to be a reality.

From the morning of July 14, a new improved and expanded security plan will be presented at the request of the Community of Madrid, “and It will depend on the administration whether the festival is celebrated or, on the contrary, it is canceled”, warns the promoter.

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