The Community of Madrid does not allow the celebration of the Madrid Puro Reggaeton Festival, which began tomorrow

The Madrid Puro Reggaeton Festival, which started tomorrow at the Wanda Metropolitano, has been canceled because the Community of Madrid has not authorized its celebration, alleging that it does not meet the necessary security conditions, according to regional sources confirmed to European press.

The same sources indicated that there is a previous negative report from the municipal police in which they do not authorize or advise the celebration of the festival according to the security plans presented by the organization of the event -which are binding- and they have also been calling it “Out of Time”. “Therefore, it is not held because it does not meet the necessary security conditions because the Wanda is not a multipurpose space,” they added.

The regional executive insists the organization applied for permission on Monday, when the minimum term is one month

In this sense, from the regional executive, they insisted that the organization request authorization for the event on Monday, when the minimum time to do so is one month. “That, combined with the unfavorable security report from Madrid City Hall, results in the denial,” he explained.

The festival that was going to start tomorrow July 15 until Saturday 16, was going to be held at the Caja Mágica in Madrid but, in the end, for production reasons alleged by the organizers, it was moved to the Wanda Metropolitano.

The Latin party had on its poster Daddy Yankee in visible lead and many established artists such as Natti Natasha, Gente de Zona, Juan Magán, Ñengo Flow, Eladio Carrión or Bad Gyal, among others.

For its part, the organizing company welcomed with “surprise, amazement and impotence” the announcement by the Community of Madrid not to authorize the festival “with Daddy Yankee’s historic farewell and 35,000 people waiting”.

The organizing company affirms that if the deadlines were exceeded it is because of the bureaucracy required by the Administration

In this sense, she defended that a complete security and emergency plan was presented and that if the deadlines were exceeded by the promoter, it was because of the bureaucracy required by the Administration. “The administration requested more and more documentation and the festival team needed time to satisfy these requests,” the statement said.

Likewise, they criticized that the announcement arrives “by surprise” 24 hours after the doors open and with the stage set, sound equipment installed and staff finalizing preparations. “There are more than 100 accredited national and international journalists,” laments the organization.

The organizing company also assured that it could not understand or accept that the announcement to prevent the celebration of the festival was due “to technical problems” because the Wanda Metropolitano is a space that regularly hosts sporting and musical events with the greater volume of assistance.

“We have no doubt that there is a clear lack of will within the regional administration for this event to take place,” the company stressed. Thus, he summoned the Community of Madrid to reconsider its resolution.

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