The Christmas Lottery Summer Campaign

  • The Christmas Lottery Summer Campaign invites you to put the “allologues” to the test by asking where the prize will fall

  • The Extraordinary Christmas Draw, which brings the series to 180, will distribute 2,520 million euros in prizes this year

  • The image that accompanies the tenth of the Christmas lottery is that of the work ‘The Virgin with the child in glory’ by Carlo Maratti

State Lotteries and Betting presented this Wednesday, July 13 the Christmas Lottery summer campaign with a ‘spot’ in which he invites the ‘todologos’ to the test by asking them where ‘El Gordo’ on December 22 will fall this year. The tenths of the draw are now available in all corners of Spain.

Put the ‘allologists’ to the test by asking where ‘El Gordo’ will drop for Christmas

The “allologs”, as the advertisement explains, “as soon as they are engineers they know gastronomy, technology, astronomy, languages, climatology, water sports and physics”. “We all know someone who knows everything, the ‘todologos’. This summer, put them to the test by asking them where ‘El Gordo’ is going to drop for Christmas”, explains the ‘spot’. “We already have a Christmas lottery through our sales network. They are already distributing luck in every corner”, announced this Wednesday the president of state lotteries and betting, Jesús Huerta Almendro, during the presentation of the summer campaign.

The Lotteries president also explained that this year the draw, which like every year will take place on December 22 at the Teatro Real in Madrid, maintains “almost all” characteristics of other years, but it incorporates as a novelty that there are 180 series, whereas last year there were 172, with 100,000 issues each. “We are going to put 180 million tenths up for sale on the street, the issue reaches 3,600 million euros and we will distribute 2,520 million euros in lots,” he said.

“Popular bundles” are maintained

Likewise, Huerta Almendro added that “popular prices” are maintained, like ‘El Gordo’, endowed with 4 million euros for the series; the Second Prize, endowed with 1,250,000 euros for the series; and the Third Prize, endowed with 500,000 euros for the series. This year’s Christmas Lottery summer campaign cost €2.5 million in total and advertising cost €380,000.

The main message the campaign wanted to convey, as the Chairman of Lotteries pointed out, is that the “great mystery, incitement and illusion” of the Draw is that it is played all over Spain and “it can fall anywhere”. At that time, he recalled that the Draw “is egalitarian, it can fall at any time, nobody knows”. “So we use the tone of humor this year with these people who are sometimes very close to us or to ourselves who escape us knowing what we don’t know,” he said.

A work of high baroque in the tenth of this year

The image that accompanies this year the tenth of the Christmas Lottery is that of the work ‘The Virgin with the Child in Glory’, by the Italian painter Carlo Maratti, on loan from the Prado Museum. “He is a particular painter, of the high baroque. It is not an ornate image, one can see a taste for the care of the fabric which relates to the classic. It is a work which for a tenth which is small is a visible and attractive image to follow the spread of culture with this tenth”, added Huerta Almendro.

The president of the Lotteries assured that they were looking “that this year nobody misses the lottery you are looking for”. “We hope that the company will support us again in the same way as last year. Some of the attractive numbers were sold out,” he recalls.

In this sense, he commented that last year they exceeded 90% of the sale, which is why they increased the problem. “We can speak of at least one 90% of the issue can be sold. We monitor exactly how much is sold and when we see that almost the whole issue is sold out and there is a risk of being out of stock, the decision is made to expand the series,” he pointed out.

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