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The historical video game society SEGA has announced the launch of a new “mini” version of its iconic console: the Genesis. This is the second edition launched by the company, part of a new trend of retro consoles that crosses the entire gaming industry.

According to SEGA, this hardware is more powerful than the one released in 2019 and, this time, the design is based on the Genesis 2 model, with the joystick having six buttons instead of three. As far as titles go, the Genesis Mini 2 will include 50 games that weren’t in the previous edition, including some classics from the SEGA CD.

The new retro console It will launch in the US on October 27 and will be exclusive to Amazon. The pre-sale is priced at US$103.8, a bit steep as they will be imported from Japan.

This new edition of a retro console made “mini” and with a limited catalog of games simply follows a trend that began in 2016. That year, Nintendo has launched its miniature version of the classic “NES” (Nintendo Entertainment System), the “Family” of our country, which paved the way for later to launch an edition of the “SNES” and for PlayStation to also sell a mini version of its first console.

Video games confirmed for SEGA Genesis Mini 2

– Sonic CD

– CD Shining Force


– Mansion of Hidden Souls

– Night striker

– Ninja Warriors

– After Burner II

– Exceed

– Outrunners

-Virtua Racing

– Super Hold on

– 3D sonic blast

– Shine in the dark

– Vectorman 2

– The Limon

-Bonanza Bros.

– Alien Soldier

– Rainbow Islands -Extra-

– Splash house 2

– Rolling Thunder 2

– Lightning Force

– Fantasy Zone

– Moving Star

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