Ryanair crew strike

The ninth day of strike cabin crew Ryanair convened by the USO and the SITCPLA provoked this Thursday the cancellation of seven flights and delays of 21 otherswith greater incidence, in the airports of Barcelona-El Prat there Palma de Mallorca.

According to information provided by the USO, until 1:00 p.m. in Barcelona four flights were canceledtwo arrivals and two departures, and many more in Palma de Mallorca.

An outward flight to Rabat (to Malaga), two to Madrid (there and back) and two others to Rome-Fiumicino (with origin and destination in Barcelona) have also been suspended.

In addition, delays were recorded on 72 other flights, with more intensity in Barcelona-El Prat (19 inbound or outbound flights delayed); Palma de Mallorca (16); Alicante and Málaga (8); Seville and Ibiza (6); Valencia (4); Madrid (3) and Girona (2).

The company has not released tracking data.

The Last Tuesday the second round of strikes called by the unions of this airline began of low cost to demand improvements in working conditions, after the six days of stoppages that followed between the end of June and the beginning of July.

The first wave of strikes caused up to 215 canceled flights and delays to 1,255 others across Spain, according to union information.

USO and SITCPLA have also announced 24-hour strikes for July 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27 and 28 at the ten Spanish airports where Ryanair operates – Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Alicante, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Girona, Santiago de Compostela, Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca-.

The labor dispute resulted in five layoffs and more than 70 workers on file, according to the USO, which demanded that the government “try to do something”, as the unions have demanded three times, without response.

The USO denounces the “illegal” dismissal of 7 crew members

In addition, the USO union denounced the illegal dismissal of seven cabin crew members at Ryanair since the start of the strike which celebrates its third day this Thursday for reasons “that the Labor Inspectorate has already warned that they were not legal”.

In a statement, the USO indicates that the seven crew members – three from the base in Malaga, two from Barcelona, ​​​​one in Girona and another in Santiago de Compostela – have been dismissed in a “smeared manner for not obeying illegal orders from the Irish airline” during the days of the strike.

According to the union, in various meetings to which the labor inspectorate summoned the legal representatives of the workers and of Ryanair, “they warned the company that they had to comply with Spanish legislation on the right to strike”.

“They were expressly told that they could not change the scheduling of someone assigned to a flight that was minimum service or expect workers to accept notifications during break times. That the right to the digital disconnection is also protected”, specifies Ernesto Iglesias, responsible for the flight of the USO-Air sector.

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