Review the K70 PRO Mini Wireless, a high-end, small-sized keyboard

The brand Corsair of Peripherals and Components for Gamers today released a new, smaller keyboard, the K70 Pro Mini Wireless who they bet with bring all the advanced technologies of a conventional gaming keyboard to a small form factor to facilitate its use in small spaces or to facilitate its transport.

And Vandal Ware we have been able to test this keyboard for a few days and over the next few lines I’m going to tell you about what it feels like to write or play with it, as well as go over its most important features so you can decide whether or not it’s the “mini “keyboard you are looking for.

technical specifications

  • Aluminum frame
  • Cherry MX RGB Red or Speed ​​Silver switches
  • 65 keys
  • 100% anti-ghosting
  • Wired, Bluetooth and SlipStream connectivity
  • Up to 32 hours of battery life with RGB and up to 200 without RGB
  • Dimensions: 109 x 293 millimeters

A small, light and comfortable format for transport

As we have already specified, we are dealing with a reduced-size keyboard designed for very specific gamer profiles that have configurations with little space or that travel a lot and want to take their keyboard anywhere with ease, tucking it neatly into a backpack or laptop bag.

In all the size of the keyboard is 109 x 293 millimeters with a format of 60% of a “normal” keyboard with the consequent price that must be paid to reduce this space which begins because we are faced with a TKL, i.e. it does not have the “calculator” on the right side and it also doesn’t have specific keys for the top row from F1 to F12 or multimedia keysactivated via macros, while the bottom row is standard on any keyboard without even giving up a good-sized spacebar.


Additionally, the K70 PRO Mini Wireless is very well designed with transportation in mindwith a completely removable USB cable to be able to recharge this wireless keyboard as well as a small hole in the back to insert the USB transmitter/receiver that allows us to connect it to the PC through one of its wireless technologies (that we’ll talk about later). ).

Total typing comfort and top-notch features

After mentioning the fact that we are dealing with a reduced format keyboard, many of you may be wondering if he is comfortable playing and writing and the answer is a clear and resounding yes. Obviously, if you’re coming to the K70 PRO Mini Wireless from a full-size keyboard (as I was), it’ll take some getting used to, although the good news is that it won’t. too long since the size of each key is exactly the same to that of a normal keyboard, the main difference in this sense being to reduce the space between the keys to a minimum, which you have to get used to (and use the macros for the functions from F1 to F12, etc. but they are nothing). you haven’t seen on laptop keyboards).



Therefore, in this sense, you can be calm and also in keyboard touch when writing or readingquite comfortable and satisfying, with a slight rubbing sensation characteristic of the switches that accompanied our model, which were the Cherry MX Red (you could also incorporate the Speed ​​​​Silver) which also have a slight metallic sound, probably because they are not well oiled or lubricated, although for those of you who like to customize your keyboard as much as possible, this K70 PRO Mini Wireless has the possibility that we add the two-pin switches that we wantincluding the LEDs on the keyboard plate itself, so if you’re going that route my recommendation would be to look for transparent switches.

privateer keyboard

Three forms of connection and good autonomy

Regarding the connection of the K70 PRO Mini Wireless with our console or equipment, we can choose several ways, starting with USB-C cable connection to use it while charging or in case for some reason we cannot use the wireless mode at that time.

Then we have technology SlipStream of Corsair which is the one who offers us the lower latency thanks to the combination with Axon technology and for which we will need the USB that includes the keyboard, thus being able to connect it to our PC, MAC, or PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One consoleswhile the other path is its connectivity Bluetooth low latency for PC, MAC or mobile devices, with a battery life of 32 hours with RGB lighting on, up to 200 hours without RGB LED lighting.

On the other hand, and how could it be otherwise, with the iCue software We can control the entire lighting section or the polling rate of the keyboard to further customize our experience.


The K70 PRO Mini Wireless is a very interesting keyboard designed to offer everything you would expect from a high-end device of this type to a gamer looking for a keyboard with a very compact size to be able to use it on a small desk or take it on a trip no problem.

Despite this “mini” size Corsair did not want to reduce the key size (although it’s TKL and he waives the top) faccelerate and reduce adaptation time that we will have to get used to its use. On the other hand, switches Cherry MX Red which includes our model works well in performance and they are comfortable, although they have that classic scratches and squeaks classic metallics when not oiled, being perhaps its least graceful point, although fortunately we can change the switches to our liking thanks to the possibilities offered by a keyboard which, in its format, it can undoubtedly become a top tier.

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