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Persuasionthe homonymous adaptation of the novel created by the writer Jane Austen arrives this weekend at our house by the hand of Netflix. dakota johnson stars of the film directed by Carrie Crackerwho makes his screen debut with this production.

Trailer and Synopsis

Persuasion trailer | netflix

Anne Elliott (dakota johnson), is a woman who constantly fights against the limitations of her arrogant family. Her wealth is rapidly disappearing and with it the major obstacles between her and Frederick Wentworth (Cosmo Jarvis), the man Anne fell in love with years ago and had to walk away from due to family pressure.

What would it be like to meet the love of your life years later? Would you give it a second chance? Anne must deal with a situation in which the heart and the reason do not seem to agree. With PersuasionJane Austen exposes it to us social criticism about class and position, friendships forged purely out of interest, arranged marriages to climb the social ladder, and how men and women fare in the concept of love.

criticism of persuasion

Without having been able to appreciate the pages of the novel written by Jane Austen, I can guess the amount of material that the public will miss. Especially these so banal remarks which abound in his stories and which they like so much. Although it is true that it has the characteristics that made it Persuasion a different reading from others.

The third-person narrative is maintained, so Dakota Johnson will break the fourth wall by speaking directly to us, simulating the omniscient voice that only the viewer will hear.

The film continues to bet on reflects all this hypocrisy and selfishness to perfection that the author has highlighted so much in his novel, especially with the unbearable character of Mary Elliot (Mia McKenna-Bruce).

The importance of highlighting the thought of Anne Elliot remains one of the essential elements. A few times we encountered characters acting erratically without giving us the opportunity to explore what was on their minds. With Anne, Jane allows us to explore the reasoning of our protagonist, making her more human and with whom we weave a much more emotional bond.

The problem of Persuasion comes with its narrative rhythm. A detailed and thorough introduction of the characters with few interactions between them which can become a bit heavy and a very interesting development of events which keeps us in suspense but which ends precipitously with an end that they should perhaps have given themselves worth building with more detail.

In summary

The film has a very good photography section which the makers were able to make the most of, but which detracts from the rest of the sections, preventing the cast from shining with their performances.

Persuasion Netflix is ​​an adaptation that for many will be rewarding as a romantic comedy. But it is possible that for those who were able to take advantage of the paper version, it remains redundant and not very linked to the original work.

Remember that Persuasion is coming to Netflix this July 15th in our homes to remind us that books are always better.

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